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Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory

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101 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 12:56 pm

Jarek arrives in the laboratoffice with a little less than his usual easy swagger.  He's made deliveries to the Feytower, certainly, but if someone was actually invited inside, they usually only wanted Thimblewhick.  The further he's walked through its opulent halls, the more underdressed he's felt for this occasion, even if he is wearing his cleanest shirt (which is honestly getting too small for him, but normally he doesn't feel like failing to cover his abdomen is a mistake).

When he steps through the door, he looks like he might try to grin widely and excuse himself from what must be the wrong room, but he calms a bit when he sees his twin among the party.

"Ah!  Jarek Riptide, arriving as requested!  Hopefully early?  Or am I late after all?  I apologise.  It's hard to know when to expect nesting behaviour when the critters can't seem to stick with live birth or laying eggs, and--well, anyway."  Jarek clears his throat, rolls his shoulders like someone who expects 'getting to work' to always involve heavy lifting, and tries ineffectively to tuck his shirt down over his midriff.  "Please don't let me interrupt if you've already started; I'm sure introductions can wait.  Although..."  Jarek peers around the chamber for their host, as if he can't already see over most anything in the room.

((Anyone with a perception greater than zero can see that Jarek is deeply confused as to why anyone would request him here, now, and among the rest of this crew.))
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102 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 1:05 pm

Hamish perked up at the sight of Jarek, someone on their list of Favorite People and trilled a noise of greeting.

"Jarek!" said Thimb, lighting up at the sight of her twin, "you made it! And yeah, late," she frowned, "I was, too," she added on. "Everyone, this is my twin," she said pointing to the muscle bound half orc who towered above her, "Jarek, this is everyone! Er, that's not helpful, is it? Uh, Sunrise, she's a bard, Ellowyn, their a cleric, this is Ka'Ri, she's a sailor but like, the sneaky kind? Uhm, that's Sith, they're uh, a warlock noble? Sorry if I got that wrong- uh, that's Glen, they're a ranger soilder type, favorite muffin being poppy seed lemon," she said with a nod as if this was a great statement of his character, "and that's Daddy Rik, wait, is it Father or Daddy or..? I don't really... church? So I get those confused sometimes. He's a paladin of baby making? I'm not totally sure how that works. Anyways! Everyone, Jarek, Jarek, everyone!" she said with a sweeping hand gesture.
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103 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 1:16 pm

Sunrise blinks - then remembers herself and smiles. "Excellent! That means everyone here. Jarek, hello." With a wry flick of her fingers she indicates the note. "Long story short: Laerdya Siannodel's daughter has been kidnapped by the infamous pirate Korogur, and he's demanding a truly ludicrous ransom. We need to find her before it's due in 14 days. We're investigating Korogur, his family and connections, and anything else that might give us a clue. Any idea where your skills and connections may be most useful?"
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104 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 2:07 pm

Glen listens carefully as Sunrise lays out what they know, what they need to know, and who should do what, nodding along. Pursuing these leads makes sense to him. When she addresses him, he nods. “Whatever's best for the team.”

When Jarek walks in, Glen just assumes he's lost. When he appears to be a member of this...well, whatever this is, he's a little surprised, but welcomes the extra hands. When Thimb introduces him, Glen raises his hand in greeting with a somewhat bemused smile.

Not wanting to forget what he had been thinking before Jarek entered, he turns back to Sunrise again. "Just one more thing from me, Sunrise.” He looks over at Rik, addressing him as well. “I apologize, Father, but I think we got caught up and didn't end up discussing whether you would be alright discussing this matter with your children's mother. If she's related to these Redfangs, she might have some larger-picture knowledge about how they're organized and how they operate." This is again said very delicately and without any suggestion that she had anything to do with this - Glen genuinely just sees her as a potential source of information.
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105 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 2:36 pm

Ka'Ri thinks through her to-do list as well as the sprawling nature of everyone's tasks. Fact finding was good and necessary if they were going to figure out a plan. Now, that said, it was clear they needed somewhere they could trade that info.

"We should also figure out where we're meeting next, cause I really don't want to come back here if it's at all avoidable. Bloody mage maze."

Ka'Ri mutters to herself for a second before continuing.

"Anyways, we want something low-key, away from jackboots or Redfangs, and which doesn't out us as working together. Rik, your temple does healing in addition to... other stuff right? Would you have a room on site that's used for private conversations with petitioners? Alternatively, Sunrise, I know you've got that fancy nob lady that hangs out with you, maybe she's got a space that's off radar. Or we could even duck out of the city entirely though that has risk of tipping off the gate guards. Jarek, Thimb, how secure is your chimera farm if we wanted to meet up there?"

"Also..." a sudden terror grips her. "Um... if we're done with that ransom note, we might want to put that back before I get fired on my first day."
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106 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 2:42 pm

DM says:
Ooh, those are incredibly good suggestions.

Veshti Selmer's place is the most immediately secure, comfortable, and easily available of the options presented, and she prides herself in having people of all walks of life coming and going during the day so she won't have a problem with any of you. Sunrise will remember Veshti has a "no boys overnight" rule, but Sunrise may also believe she can talk her way around that given the circumstances in this case.

Yondalla's temple does have private prayer rooms, but given how closely Rik has been under scrutiny by the Redfangs that might not be the best place to congregate. However, he should remember the temple of Sehanine has a scry-proof room and a high priestess who might be willing to see profit in this venture.

The chimera farm is secure in the sense of not having Redfangs coming and going at all hours, but on the other hand... acid-breathing ducklings. The family probably tries pretty hard not to have random civvies running around just because the liability runs kinda high. Still, if you needed a staging ground outside the city for "going into the forest" stuff, that's a good place.

[TW: Drug Use] Sithani, you also know of a big open abandoned place outside the city walls: the ancient temple to your patron where the kids go to get high and leave their paraphernalia. You don't think sleepovers are the best idea but while the dreams might be disturbing, probably no one would die.
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107 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:00 pm

[TW: drug use]

"There's a discreet-ish place I know outside the city walls," Sithani adds. "As long as you're fine with pretending like you're looking for a place to get high. I know some paladins have Standards about these things."
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108 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:07 pm

"To be clear, he is NOT related to them in anyway other than marriage and even while there they did not really involve him in any of the family workings. I have told you all that he has related to me. I would like to leave my family out of this as much as possible. "

As Jarek enters Rik's head swivels, prepared to give a scathing reproach for being late. The comment dies on his tongue and his head tilts. Finally someone who looks capable of a good fight. He eyes Jarek over with interest. At first he scans for weapons, but his eyes are drawn back to his partially concealed abdomen.
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109 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:53 pm

DM says:
Couple of things to throw out here:

One: While Rik says this kidnapping isn't targeted at him because there would be hundreds of other children to kidnap, remember that those mothers took oaths of secrecy as part of the Yondallan fertility ritual. (The secrecy is a throttling gate to keep the temple from being crushed by the high demand of everyone wanting their own made-to-order god-baby.) So it is possible the kidnappers don't know Rik has other children; if they believe Laerdya and Rik were romantically/sexually involved, they may think Laerdya was an old flame of Rik's, as opposed to one petitioner among hundreds.

Two: I understand why Rik is reticent to get Thorn involved with all this; Thorn went into hiding after Rik was murdered and his location hasn't been shared with Rik (to the angst of everyone involved), which is very fresh in his mind. That said, Reverence is willing to pass messages between Thorn and Rik, and could arrange a meeting between Thorn and someone else. As long as Rik isn't attending, Thorn would not likely be in danger; the Redfangs who are looking for Thorn don't know to follow anyone who isn't Rik or Abbie.

Three: It is entirely possible that Treygis isn't the mastermind behind the kidnapping. However, if he is his mother's right-hand in running the crime family, it's reasonable to believe that he would be aware of his family's involvement. It takes a lot of bodies to travel into the Silverwoods, commandeer a probably-guarded ox-cart full of gold, and get it back safely and quietly into the city. Whoever is behind this will need loyal people and lots of them: that points to family, not freebooters. A mafia don worth his salt should be aware of the movings and shakings in his family.

While Rik is correct that Thorn can't know about the kidnapping (having been away from the family for a year), he can tell them quite a bit about Treygis and how to talk to him, if someone wanted to feel him out for information in a sneaky manipulative manner. Thorn also knows which members of the family are closest to Treygis, which is very useful information if someone wanted to kidnap, interrogate, imitate, or otherwise shenanigan. Remember that he told Abbie and Rik he "hadn't met all the cousins yet", but he has met the ones which most closely support Treygis in his day-to-day work.

Since Sunrise and Glen have brought up the Thorn/Treygis angle, it would not be unwise to gently push Father Rik on his answer.
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110 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:32 pm

(OOC: I was gonna punt, but I got an Insight check of 23 to figure out that the "he" Rik is referring to is the same "she" Glen was, and therefore Sunrise is *not* as silently confused as I'd originally assumed, lol. So here goes.)

After a moment, Sunrise blinks. "Oh. The mother of your child is 'he'; I apologize for assuming incorrectly. Okay." She looks at Rik with a very soft, sympathetic frown. "I don't want to put him in any danger, and I don't think anyone here thinks he would know anything about this kidnapping. But he might know how to contact other members of the Redfang family. I wouldn't push, but... the girl's life might be in danger. Surely it couldn't hurt if someone sat down just to chat with him?" She shakes her head. "If he can't help, he can't help. But if there's even a chance he could, can we really justify not even trying?"
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111 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:34 pm

Glen listens carefully and attentively, nodding along as Rik speaks and Sunrise responds. “I absolutely believe that he had nothing to do with any of this, Father. And I understand your concern, I really do.” There is kindness and sympathy in his eyes - Glen knows the fear of endangering family, and is intimately acquainted with the pain and anguish of losing loved ones.

“I agree with Sunrise, Father.” His voice is quiet; understanding but firm. “I am a tracker. Whether it be in the forest, the city walls, the slums - it's all based on the same core principle of gathering information.”

“Now, hear me out for a minute. The Redfangs know about you, and they will likely know that you've been resurrected given that had to walk around the city to get here. They know about your relationship with your children's mother, as they killed you once for it. They know the mother’s name and his face. They seem to know quite a lot. And more than that, they are powerful and well-connected. It doesn't take much coin to hire some men to start sniffing and collecting leads. It doesn't take *too* much more to hire a tracker to do the same thing.”

“Then, just after you've been murdered by this same family and resurrected, they enact a kidnapping that occupies your time and attention, rightfully so given your obvious connection to Miss Siannodel.”

Glen's face is grave. He doesn't want to push, but there is too much at stake. “Father, it wouldn't take much for them to find him. We,” he glances briefly at Sunrise before returning his eyes to Rik, “should consider that he may not be safe. Talking to him, seeing if he can provide us any leads, and trying to resolve this as quickly as possible might help prevent danger, rather than creating more."
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112 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 6:08 pm

"If you think they know I am alive because they saw me come here, then they would be just as likely to see any of you also coming and going from here at the same time and perhaps suspect a connection.  If they then start following you, then there is no safe case of you making contact with him that wouldn't endanger my family.  Now I took measures to not be detected coming here, but based on your logic that is not sufficient.  If it is so easy to collect leads the fewer there are the better."

He starts to get a bit gruff, but then pauses and takes a breath.  

"If there is anything you would want to know that you think he would know, ask me.  I have told you what I feel is relevant, but there may be more that I know.  If we can get a list of questions I may be able to get a letter through undetected."

His eyes wander contemplatively back over to Jarek.

"Sunrise was it? You have kindly given many tasks out to expand our knowledge base, but you have neglected Jarek and I.  What can we do to further our goals?"
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113 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 6:22 pm

"Father." Glen makes one last plea. "Countless people come and go from the Feytower every day, and we all arrived separately. There is a safe way to do this, and it is important that we make sure we have every piece of information we can. Passing messages could easily lead them to him, and it takes time we just don't have. If we want to help Miss Siannodel, we have to work fast."

"I am virtually unknown in the city and I am good at moving quietly and discretely. We need to do everything in our power, and we can make sure he is safe too while we do it. Please reconsider." He puts a hand on Rik's shoulder. "I've lost family, and I have people I care about more than my own life. I understand your hesitancy, but I give you my word."

Glen holds out his hand, showing it to Rik. He is wearing a handsome ring bearing the symbol of the god Pelor. "This ring was given to me by my commander. A paladin of Pelor, if you can believe it. She is my friend and my mentor. This ring means the world to me." Glen looks at it for a moment, and it's clear he is telling the truth. "I promised her I would complete this mission. And, on the ring she gave me, I promise you that no harm will come to your children or their mother."

"I want to help Miss Siannodel and your children's mother. Please let me try and help them both, and the city, the best way I can."
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114 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 6:59 pm

[OOC: Unpause! There are several conversations which I believe are still in the air. Your friendly DM is placing them here for easy reference:

Sunrise to Jarek: "Any idea where your skills and connections may be most useful?"

Ka'Ri to [Group]: "Um... if we're done with that ransom note, we might want to put that back before I get fired on my first day."

Glen to Rik: "I promised her I would complete this mission. And, on the ring she gave me, I promise you that no harm will come to your children or their mother. I want to help Miss Siannodel and your children's mother. Please let me try and help them both, and the city, the best way I can."

No rush to reply! It is okay to wait until you can retreat to a safe space and process. Today has been rough for a lot of folks. Take care, all.]
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115 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 7:07 pm

Thimb raises her hand, injecting herself into Rik and Glen's conversation, "I go to the feytower and the temples to deliver magic components all the time. If for some reason you're worried about people watching us already..." she trailed off. She had never been watched before. It should have been scary but this felt like an adventure and so was maybe a little exciting, "well, I've got a lot of reason to be anywhere where people are doing magic. Same with Jarek." she offered a shrug. She wasn't going to press beyond that, just make the observation.

She turned to Ka'Ri, "Yeah, we should probably put that away now before we get into trouble..."

"Oh!" she perked up, "We could use the ranch, if you all wanted. Could maybe meet some of the chimeras... I-if you wanted, anyways."
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116 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 7:20 pm

Jarek is a bit dazzled by the intensity in the room, with little idea who anyone is or why there are secret parentages under scrutiny or why he would be called in to address a pirate ransom scenario, and did someone else just mention being resurrected?  But he grabs the clearest line he can find.

"Sunrise, was it?  It's a pleasure.  I've certainly never had dealings with a pirate like Korogur, but my father is a Rabhartach," he namedrops proudly, "and I'm sure the family keeps an eye out for pirates wherever they sail.  Might be that's why Miss Siannodel would call for me, but... there has to be something I'm not fathoming here.  Is our host about, somewhere?  Maybe she had a specific task in mind for me?  I'm not much more than a rancher, really.  Definitely not an investigator."

Jarek crosses his arms in thought, apparently unaware that if his shirt had longer sleeves this would have burst them.  At least it might highlight to the casual observer what uses he could have where violent conflict is a risk.  The sigils of Kord tattooed on his right arm and Obad-Hai on his left are also especially prominent.
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117 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 7:44 pm

Sunrise smiles. "Our employer's... original plan would have required people who were good with animals," she explains. "Particularly large animals. We... might be adapting that plan," she says diplomatically. "The family connection is excellent, though. Can you start asking along those lines? If anything has been seen or heard lately about Korogur or his crew? Might give us an idea of where to look next."
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118 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:54 pm

Ka'Ri takes the blood-stained letter and carefully folds it back away in the drawer and closes it. Using her picks, she carefully goes to work relocking the drawer.

Sleight of Hand:
16 ( 8+8 ), it's not her best work, but hopefully the lock isn't broken

Once done she steps away smartly over closer to Thimb, away from the desk.
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119 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Thu Jun 28, 2018 12:15 am

Father Rik considers Glen. He was not expecting this level of sincerity and concern from a virtual stranger. He sighs deeply, his voice is appreciative but firm.

"It is more touching than you might realize to have someone take my family's safety seriously. For now though, can we just use the established method of communicating? "
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120 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:31 pm

Ellowyn has been silent now for a long time.

Sudden they stand from their position on the floor partially covered in the shadow of the desk. They had stayed there perhaps slightly longer than necessary until the mood in the room had stopped shouting at them.

They nod and smile at jarek blushing slightly at the sight of jareks abdomen as they turn and say to the rest of the group
"I'm sorry about how overwhelmed I became I was only ressurected a few months ago and I am not very not used to this new body and it's reactions it's very different...

Never the less father I very much appreciate wanting your family safe you have my word that should we need to involve your love that i will do everything in power to protect him. Ehlonna sent me for a reason perhaps that is part of it"

They look at him then in they eyes just for a moment before continuing.

"As for the skills I have a small amount of knowledge spread across a wide array of subjects. Primarily I build things for people who need help, Like my cane."

They gesture with it to emphasize.

"I'm a cleric who uses nature and mechanics to help provide small miracles. My clients range from slum folk to some of the richest folk in brilight. Once built a wheel for a small puppy" they smile with genuine pride.

I honestly am not sure how I can help but I am at your service"
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121 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:06 am

"Your range of clients seems like a potential source of leads," Sithani points out. "Especially whoever's puppy you helped; they owe you big time. Oh, and speaking of investigations: Rik, you said the Redfangs started Southside and moved Northside. They'd be probably the most likely places for them to be holding the girl if they're working on their own, but what about this council family they've married into? Who are they and where do they live?"
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122 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Fri Jun 29, 2018 10:21 am

"I can ask around discreetly i don't actually have a home here in the city. Never got round to sorting permanent accommodation I bounce from client to client and occasionally the temples.
I'm not an unfamiliar sight in any of them." After a brief pause and a glance at Rik hoping he won't judge them.

"I kind of pray to all the gods, or well give thanks and offerings to, it's just polite is all but I could go pray to olidammara soon, listening intently for any assitance the gods might send our way" they say pointedly
"i usually spend many hours there. Its odd that I've never come across this ..Treygis." they almost spit the word "but perhaps a lowly cleric from a nature order doesn't warrant his attention?"
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123 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:29 pm

Sunrise nods. "That's a good idea. We want to find any clerics who aren't loyal to Treygis, see if there's been unusual activity in the last couple weeks, and if possible find out where the temple might hide someone if they had to."

She looks at Rik then. "That goes for you too. I know Yondalla and Olidammara don't have much common ground, but you're still more likely to be able to finesse temple politics than many of us. And... for now, okay. Try to find out as much as you can about the family through your established methods. Although we'll still need his father's name so we can start looking into his connections, maybe following the money.

Stretching then, she stands from the chair and begins organizing a small tableau of muffin and tea on the table in front of it. "Does that sound like a decent starting point, at least? When our new employer returns I'd like to be able to truthfully tell her we have a plan. I'd say take two days - that should give us enough time to at least lay the groundwork - and then meet back up to compare notes and decide where to go next?" She hesitates. "Honestly, for the first meeting at least my patron's home might be best." She gives Sithani an apologetic shrug. "Your spot is likely more private, but Veshti's home is easier to get to from within the city, and she is known for hosting eclectic guests." She gives an address, then gives another apologetic glance at Thimb and Jarek. "And I think we'd all love to meet your chimera, but possibly not during a planning session."
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124 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:50 pm

Ellowyn looks at thimb and jarek with a disappointed shrug they personally had been rooting for the chimera ranch.
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125 Re: Feytower - Laerdya's Laboratory on Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:52 pm

Glen nods at Rik, who seems to have taken to heart his intentions, if nothing else.

Then, at Sithani's suggestion, he nods again. "Sithani is right - I think we should try to find out more about the family into which the Redfangs married. Father, I don't want to burden you any further; I can ask around with my military contacts and see what I can track down."

He listens to Sunrise, then nods again in agreement. "I think your suggestion is likely best - a place that already has an assortment of folks coming and going will help deflect the most suggestion."
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