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Visiting a Grieving Mother (Ellowyn, Ka'Ri, Sithani)

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Eleint 8th, morning.

The Feytower is more active this morning than it was when they arrived yesterday; about two dozen people are waiting in the front hall when Ellowyn, Ka'Ri, and Sithani arrive with intention of speaking with Laerdya.

The people seem to be on the wealthier side of common, judging from their clothes. They wait in clumps on plush seats, huddled together and looking miserable. Several of them show advanced signs of the plague: the sallow coloring, the heavy bags that appear under their eyes no matter how much sleep they get, the thousand-league stare and unresponsiveness to their surroundings. None of them seem dead-and-reanimated, but several of them can't be far from that.

The doorman lets the three visitors in, but if they linger he will ask who they are here to see. An answer of 'Laerdya' will receive the crisp answer that she is resting and not receiving guests today; he is immovable on this point.

[OOC: Now what will you do? Additionally, are you wearing the disguises Luther gave you for visiting the Feytower?]
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Sithani is wearing her student's robes over her usual clothing, and views the crowd with mild concern. Is the plague affecting the nicer districts of the commoners or can the poorer victims just not afford to take time out to come here? To her companions she projects, <Do we need to tell him we're visiting Laerdya? We could just lie to him, head for her room, and wave Luther's little tokens at anyone who tries to stop us.>
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"well if she isn't taking visitors we have other business we have to be attending to " Ellowyn says gesturing to their various uniforms thinking internally how they aren't lying technically and they Begin to walk with determination away from the doorman

After the unsure and overwhelming events of yesterday they were too tired to faff about with talking to people for longer than necessary coupled with the sithanis suggestion of lying made for the seemingly easiest solution.

(That's a 15 on deception *fingers crossed*)

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Ka'Ri spent a bit of time prepping that morning, tying up her hair into a short ponytail held in place with a clean but simple rag tied over her head. She also dyed it a dirty blonde and covered her eyes with brown contacts

Then she made sure to visit the Muffin shop Thimb had spoken of, making sure to get a bag of various muffins as well as several cups of coffee (not to be confused for khav'phe, the dwarvish beverage that was at just the right level of grit for her) and changed into the servant clothes that asshole had prepared for her.

When she arrived at the front area, she looked at the scared folks. Only those folks who had money and freedom enough to take days off could go to the Feytower for aid. She looked around to see if she could spot one of the watchers bringing in a crewmate. With her recent windfall, they finally had enough money to.

Putting on her most harried and over worked face she looked over to her companions, both wearing their student robes.

"Mornin'," she smiled at the doorman before putting on a more forced smile. "With me young masters, best not to keep your teachers waiting."

She shoots an exasperated look of the working woman overworked for too little money babysitting the absent-minded wizardry who made the Feytower its home before stepping past him at the steady hurried pace of a servant running errands.

Deception if needed:
14 + 4 = 18 Given that she is a harried working class person running through a number of errands, it's almost like she was made for this role.
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The student robes and servant act do the trick to get them past the doorman without more questions; he eyes them as they head off in the general direction of the main library, but once they round a corner they are free to go where they please.

They're not certain whether Laerdya is in her laboratory, her rooms, or in some other place entirely; the Feytower is huge and sprawling, with lots of places to lose a wizard in.
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<do we just head to her rooms? Or do we find Luther?> Ellowyn projects to sithani hoping that this is a 2 way thing.

They very very quietly say just incase. "where now? "

They felt odd wearing a uniform. It was not something their clerical order enforced at all so the formalness of the entire outfit felt like wearing someone else's skin.

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"He said she's resting, so I suppose her rooms are the best place to try," Sithani suggests.
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"So it's not a two way thing then sith? And the rooms seem the best bet as I don't know about you two lovely people but I haven't the faintest where else she might be"

Ellowyn keeps their voice low as they begin to make their way as far as they could tell towards Laerdya rooms.

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"Oh, were you trying to be telepathic at me? I'm sorry; it does seem to be only my thoughts that can spill out into other minds. What were you saying?"
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"Just asking do we head to the her rooms or find Luther, it was more of a test to see the limits as we didn't get to know each other much yesterday" unaware how it could come across like their studying their new team mates.(only a little bit but they were all so interesting)

Turning slightly to both ka'ri and sithani they bow a little and introduce themselves again formally
"Ellowyn Naninger they of the outside cleric of Ehlonna and tinkerer extrordaire" they smirk unable to keep themselves from chuckling a little. "Sorry I'm not actually that good but a kind friend told me when your overwhelmed fake it till you make it. And this whole situation is overwhelming."

They shrug still chuckling quietly to themselves mostly at the ridiculousness of the situation they had found themselves in.

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Sithani bows in return and reintroduces herself. "Sithani Molana of the Sun District, philosopher, philanthropist, and party planner."
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Ka'Ri nodded along. "We should start with the places we know, so her laboratory and then her room is probably a good place to start. We can then ask around if she isn't in either spot. I can play the harried servant just wanting to complete a delivery if needed."

She ran through a few scenarios in her head before shaking her focus. Shit, we were doing formal introductions, weren't we?

"Ka'Ri Af Osprem, she of the sea, pirate, thief, and all around scoundrel by the measure of the various jackboots of the city." She gave a pirate's bow. Not a nob's bow. Never a nob bow again.
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The laboratory, when they get there, is locked up tight with no response to their knocking and no sound from inside.
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Sithani shrugs. "I could blast the door down?"
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"orrr we could not generate a lot of damage and disorder for our employer and perhaps check out her private rooms I assume they're near gwyns? Not that i wouldn't delight in seeing you blast down doors and getting to look inside the lab.."

Ellowyn pauses wistfully and grins at sithani.

Then they shake their head turning away from the door.

"pirates some of my best clients when they're in port"

Then they turn and start towards what they think is the direction of the private quarters.

"So what sort of parties do you plan I'm guessing lavish affairs?"
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"Well, in terms of the range of intoxicants generally consumed, I suppose you could call that lavish." She grins. "I mean, my set generally goes slumming and enjoys the glamour and exoticism of associating with poor people. Lavishness wasn't the order of the day... or night, as it more usually is."
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"Yeah, doesn't sound like she's in there. Best to try her room next and then go from there. Pretty sure conceited douchebag said it was in the same pod as Gwynn."

Ka'Ri bit her tongue on the rest. Glamour and exoticism? In nearly starving to death and being hounded by jackboots who assumed you were worthless criminal scum and landlords nailing you for every dime you could get? Only the nobs could see our suffering as entertainment.

Externally all the others can see is a look of annoyance passing by her face as she grows quiet and looks away.
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[DM Note: Luther has not informed you of Laerdya's room location; you have all seen with your eyes that Laerdya's room is next to Gwynnestri's in the Bedroom thread.]

The central tower is quiet this time of the morning, but they are able to locate Laerdya's room easily enough after having been here before. Before they can knock at the door, however, they hear quiet crying from the room beside them. The door to Gwynnestri's room is only just ajar and the weeping seems to come from inside.
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Quietly Ellowyn approaches the door to verify that it's Laerdya in the room.

If so

They cough slightly and then say simply "Marta sends her love and I'm sorry to disturb you ma'am"
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Laerdya sits on the edge of Gwyn's bed, one arm draped over the glass coffin which contains Gwyn's double. Her eyes are red from crying, and she looks around in a daze when Ellowyn speaks to her. "Marta? How is she?" she asks, her voice broken and faraway.
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"She's ever the same, I had to readjust her cane yet again because she's been hitting things with it again." Ellowyn keeps their tone light and chuckles slightly at Marta's antics.

"Only gods know what she gets up to, did you manage to trance or eat? She told me to make sure your looking after yourself"
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The delicate elven lady doesn't seem to hear the question, her gaze drifting back to the wax recreation of Gwynnestri's face. "I used to think... that she was the unlucky one, between the two of us. But now she doesn't suffer what I do. This fear that never leaves me. Perhaps Marta is the most happy of us all."
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Ellowyn quietly walks towards Laerdya looking back at the other two to eye the muffins and coffee meaningfully.

"Marta's far from happy she worries for her friend ma'am"

When they arrive in front of her the hesitate for a second and then takes her other hand in theirs and gently massages it.
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Laerdya does not resist their touch, but her hand is limp and unresponsive; Ellowyn might well be petting a dead thing.
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Sithani takes Ellowyn's hint and brings over a muffin to offer Laerdya. These went down so well last time, after all.
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