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Ellowyn builds an offering

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1Ellowyn builds an offering Empty Ellowyn builds an offering on Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:27 pm

As the pair leave Marta's house Ellowyn directs Sunrise two streets over to a small row of smartly fronted shops as this street was out of the way of the main markets and thoroughfares the shops here were for unusual things outside the everyday shoppers purview.

There was a shop to buy all manner of gender related items from temporary potions to belts of gender affirmation. The space above is rented by a seamstrex who specialises in wardrobe transformations bring her your existing clothes and they'll make new things from them for your new style.

There was a herbal shop that specialised in rare cooking ingredients that Ellowyn had never ventured in because the smells were overwhelming but they imagined it would be heavenly if you liked that sort of thing. Huge towering, perfectly conical piles of powders in metal bowls in the window stood probably as tall as thimb as they passed by dried ropes of things hanging from a rack above. You could see faintly in the dim interior the shapes on barrels filled with colour.

The shop the pair entered was made squat and cramped by the sheer volume of things in it. There was so much that it spilled out into just Infront of the shop where a folding table had been set up with what appeared to unappreciating eyes like junk. Hunks of raw metal mixed in with greasy cogs of all sizes, pieces of what appeared to be drift wood off the edge of the were hooks holding lengths of different kinds of rope. A small box curled metal sits go one side of the table.

The sign over the door says bits and bolts spelt out in various gears and things.

Ellowyn says that theyll be a few minutes as they head inside a determined focus sunrise can see them chatting away diving head first into barrels full of unknown things and piecing together who knows what in their mind. Soon there is 3 small piles of things on the counter. Ellowyn becomes animated suddenly as they bring out their coin purse and excitedly and hand over the money. The small(were they small or just hidden behind a lot of stuff?) bespectacled figure smiled and collects the things into 3 separate parcelsĀ  tying them together so they can be more easily carried.

With business concluded and Ellowyn 30 gold lighter sunrise takes over on directing them through the streets towards her home. Their brief meeting with veshti was pleasant although Ellowyn blushed a lot, they liked veshti *a lot* but their mind was truly elsewhere as plans worked themselves out behind their eyes.

Suddenly they were standing and being shown into a small but comfortably proportioned study with a large clear desk,

Servants quietly bring in a multitude of lighting chairs and pillows along with some honey sweetened milk. Ellowyn asks sunrise if before she leaves to get ready for her evening that she might leave an instrument with them so they have a reference.

They don't explain but sunrise is accomadating. They thank her and wish her a pleasant evening as she closed the door she explained the servants would fetch anything they needed. Ellowyn nods but is already distracted with setting up their work space. Sunrise makes sure to mention to the first servant she sees that Ellowyn will need to be checked on to make sure they eat and drink.

Finally with everything set up they drove in opening a single package. The other two stayed wrapped ready for whenever inspiration struck but now was time to focus on what was in front of them.

A small collection of springs cogs and small sheets of different metals sat on the desk and were sorted into the different parts they were for. Using tin snips they shaped and hammered the metal to the image in their mind. They'd managed to spend some time with racoons in the forest and they were in their happy place as they remembered their friends.

Who knows how many candlemarks went by (the servants know and they are wondering if the food they delivered a candlemark ago had been eaten, it had not)

Finally the shaping hammering and scraping finished they stared down at a racoon head slightly larger than their palm, almost life size.

It was made from a silver like metal for the grey parts and a dark blackish metal for the eye patches and nose. Tiny black brown gems sit in the eye sockets.

It had a discrete latch on the bottom that allowed access to the inside.

Now it was time for the bit they loved. They cut a small sheet of metal into a comb like set up, with various thickness and length teeth then they plucked a clear simple note from the stringed instrument sunrise had left they hummed to match the note and the hit one of the teeth. Slowly but surely they made adjustments till the teeth matched the instrument.

That done their humming slowly morph into a song they loved as a child. A cheery gentle song lullaby that has sinister lyrics definitely something that isn't what it seems.

They begin to softly sing.

Down by the reeds
Down by the reeds
Swim the sirens of Oakvale
Out to the seas.

Down by the reeds
Down by the reeds
Float the souls left unbroken
by White Balverines

Down by the reeds
Night-blooming weeds
Embrace those who go dancing,
In sad moonlit dreams.

Down by the reeds
A twisted path leads
To Banshees who breathe out
A cold winter breeze.

Nobody knows.
Nobody sees.
The sirens of Oakvale.
Down by the reeds.

( https://youtu.be/69L3SKTagVc )

As they sing they slowly build the songs basic repeating melody from pins on a cylindrical tube.

Finally they attach the musical part to the gears inside.

They make it so that is can be rewound by them whenever they come to the temple with a small amount of repair Ellowyn liked to make all their trinkets like this so they're were easier to fix. Still fiddly and difficult but people always liked when they could reanimate the seemingly lifeless objects, and Ellowyn liked to make people smile.

Exhausted they see a selection of food has been placed on a small table at the foot of a couch in the corner. They pick up some bread item not really tasting it as they stared at their latest creation proud and exhausted.

Later when the servants come to check on Ellowyn they find them curled around a bread bun with a few bites taken out of it.

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