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Dolores Imokina (Paladin and Vice-Captain)

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1Dolores Imokina (Paladin and Vice-Captain) Empty Dolores Imokina (Paladin and Vice-Captain) on Mon Jun 18, 2018 10:14 pm

Dolores Imokina (Paladin and Vice-Captain) Dolore10

Contact: Dolores Imokina, Paladin of Pelor, Vice-Captain of the Eight Division.

Race: Human

Age Category: Young Adult

Appearance: Human. Dark hair carefully curled. Dark velvet skin with freckles. Well-made gear, not expensive but not cheap either. Sturdy countenance. Kind smile.

History: Dolores Imokina is a young and idealistic soldier with a promising career in the Brillight standing army. Most commoners do not know who she is, but inside the army she is held in high esteem; nearly every fighter under her command has either been healed by her at some point, or (more likely) saved by her when she took a blow for them in battle. On the field she is always where the fighting is the thickest, her sword and shield a silver whirl as she strikes down her enemies.

Because she has--as her superiors would say--brains as well as brawn, she's been promoted to vice-captain of the Eight Division. The promotion is an honor but not one she necessarily wanted; being vice-captain means strategy and dealing with personnel issues more than fighting and healing on the front lines. Still, if this is where her duty is and her god requires her to be, she will serve with a light heart.

The Eight Division is one of thirty-seven which alternate their time between guarding the city walls and escorting merchant caravans north through the Silverwoods. The escort does not take them all the way to their destination, just to the designated relay point--a small barricaded waypoint town named Darkwater and nestled deep in the woods--where hired mercenaries and bodyguards take charge of the merchants for the remainder of their trip. The escort then returns to the city, dodging bandits and goblin raiding parties on their way.

Other Details: Dolores faithfully visits the temple of Pelor, offering a tenth of her meager army paycheck and her battle-bonuses to her god without reservation. Though she works well with all her troops--even the unsavory ones--she is herself deeply pious and law-abiding and not one to visit the Nightdocks or the seedier places in the slums. She is, however, an excellent person to speak to on the finer points of army life and travel through the Silverwoods.
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