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Ellwythorn "Thorn" Redfang (Survivor)

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1 Ellwythorn "Thorn" Redfang (Survivor) on Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:16 am

Name: Ellwythorn ("Thorn") Redfang

Race: Half-orc / Half-elf

Age Category: Young Adult

Appearance: Pale green skin, copper hair, and blue eyes; a strange and unusual mixture of delicate elven features and hearty orcish stock. Even so, has a strange knack for blending into the scenery and looking smaller than life.

Commonly Known: Thorn is the only child of Immeral Xiloscient, a wood elf on the council of elders in a hereditary seat. When Immeral dies, his political power will pass to Thorn or Thorn's children.

Thorn is married to Betreygis Redfang, the eldest son of a poweful orcish crime family and a high-ranking cleric in the temple of Olidammara. Treygis married Thorn for the political power and access to Immeral that the relationship brought him, and folded Thorn into the Redfang family so that the young politician-to-be would not be able to extricate personal needs from the demands of the family.
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2 Re: Ellwythorn "Thorn" Redfang (Survivor) on Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:42 pm

Also, Treygis is a motherfucker who may or may not be cruising for a bruising. Just saying.
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3 Re: Ellwythorn "Thorn" Redfang (Survivor) on Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:30 pm

Ohhhhh yeah. Sunrise doesn't even know she exists yet and I'm already looking over her spell list like "oh yeah some of these definitely have his name on them."
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4 Re: Ellwythorn "Thorn" Redfang (Survivor) on Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:33 pm

One of Glen's character traits is that he looks after his friends like they're a litter of newborn pups. HOPEFULLY Rik and Thorn get together for real, and then really she's part of Glen's crew too, which means Trey is in for an arrow to the face.
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5 Re: Ellwythorn "Thorn" Redfang (Survivor) on Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:37 pm

Even if they don't, he's a major crime boss in the city; maybe the main plot will give us an excuse to kill him in the face a little?
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6 Re: Ellwythorn "Thorn" Redfang (Survivor) on Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:39 pm

Storm: "Do you know what happens to a high ranking cleric who has lost favor with his god when you hit him with lightning?"


"Same thing that happens to everything else."

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7 Re: Ellwythorn "Thorn" Redfang (Survivor) on Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:41 pm

Good point, Griffin! I like your optimism for face killing mafia bosses.

And Ana, lollllllowned.
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