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Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn)

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1Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:11 pm

[Continued from Sneaky Shopping.]

Eleint 8th, night.

They're hurting after walking all over the market for the day, so it's time to part with a little of the money Luther gave them and hire a carriage to the temple grounds. The streets are packed full of tourists tonight and Ellowyn enjoys people-watching from the carriage, sometimes waving at those who look up at them. It is a novel feeling to be the tallest one in the crowd for once, looking down at the other people as they pass.

Tonight is only the first night of Alefeast but the crowds are already out in full at the temple of Olidammara. There is no formal celebration scheduled for tonight--the child-friendly and educational play of The Great Escape was this morning and again this afternoon--but wine flows freely in the worship hall, and the holy eatery to the left of the worship hall is packed with diners enjoying good food and toasting with excellent drink. The smell of roasting meat and vegetables fills the air, rich and tempting after the day's exertion.

Betreygis Redfang is here somewhere. He must be; a high-ranking cleric of Olidammara would not be absent during the holy week of Alefeast. Ellowyn is not sure how they will recognize him--they note with a sinking feeling that the clerics they do see are dressed in casual tunics and trousers, not the elaborate robes and headdresses favored by some of the other temples--but there cannot be that many orcish clerics here tonight, can there? Still, as the crowd presses around them, they realize this will not be an easy task.
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2Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:29 pm

Buoyed by the success of the morning what between getting a date with a pirate queen and getting some promising new leads, Ellowyn despite being tired decides that they were going to commit to looking like another reveller in the alefest crowd after all isn't that exactly what Ka'ri would do?

When they part ways with Ka'ri out side of veshti's  they head to their room from the night before to pick up some things, on the way they ask the nearest servant if they could find somebody to help them with a wardrobe choice or too.

After what feels like forever of questions that Ellowyn had no idea the answers to. Who even has a preferred fit of shirt? There was more than one? The serving lady stepped back to admire Ellowyn.

"There you go that's better your skin compliments this colour wonderfully and the clothes actually fit you."

When Ellowyn looks in the mirror they freeze. They'd never seen themselves like this before and they weren't sure if it wasn't horrible.

The servant had put them in a shirt that was a deep purple colour it's sleeves were rolled back making it slightly more casual but it had a fine goldish metallic thread for the hems. She'd done some sort of chunky single braid down Ellowyn's back with their hair and it wasn't like the feminine fine ones their mother used to make them wear it was utilitarian but added to the aesthetic of the outfit overall or at least Ellowyn thought it did. They noticed she'd brought the fly away curls at their temple forward into a more masculine sideburn style.

Their trousers where black but the softest material they had ever felt. They too were cuffed smartly held in place with discreet pins.
A dark navy and silver threaded waistcoat completed the outfit  and covered Ellowyn chest in a way that visually flattened their chest more than they had seen since their ressurection.

Everything about the outfit was subtle but still a celebration. Soft and comfortable and very easy to move in. It was perfect for an evening of blending in to a festive crowd.

When the servant coughed lightly it was then that Ellowyn realised that they'd been stood transfixed in front of the mirror. They blushed and smiled. Quietly unsure of what else they could say "thank you *so* much." The servant pretends not to notice their eyes shining. Before they leave she hands them a small black across the body bag that they put their basic tools in and the clockwork offering for olidammara.

When they arrive down stairs the carriage the sent for has arrived.

The journey is thrilling this is a far more enjoyable day than the had experienced in a long time.

They have their stick with them in its cane configuration, Ellowyn had noticed the way folks eyes slide past visibly disabled people like they actively didn't want to see them. They prayed this unexpected super power would help them tonight.

They head to their first stop, the temple of olidammara, might as well start the night with a prayer plus betreygis is head cleric there it is a good a place as any to start.

They move through the crowd stepping between gaps in the sea of legs, around chairs under tables using their cane to speed the navigation. They look around for the nearest place to leave offerings for olidammara. They might as well start by asking for help it could be the only way they find any particular orc in this crowd is with divine guidance plus a moment's of peace and connection with any of the gods seemed needed to bolster them against this crowd it was bigger even than this afternoon's crowds. As they look they keep an eye out for orcs that could be clerics

(Perception 11+ 3 = 14)
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3Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:40 pm

At this time, in the eatery, Ellowyn does not see anyone who looks like an orcish cleric. However, there is more to the Olidammaran temple than just the eatery; Betreygis could be in the quieter worship hall, or in a private room.
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4Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Sat Aug 11, 2018 2:57 pm

Ellowyn comes out of the eatery eventually after a circuitous journey, the smell distracting them from their task.

they hit a lull in the crowd and start to head to the alters they know are usually positioned somewhere near the back of the main temple hall. All they can do is keep looking for the orc or for that matter any of the temples staff they want to give this offering theu have in their bag as soon as possible because they fear more than anything that it may get damaged by the increasingly sloppy crowds.

(Ooc Perception for seeing temple staff but particularly orcish clerics 11+ 3= 14)
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There are quite a few temple staff here tonight, but they are all ministering to visitors as Ellowyn heads through the worship hall. They are, however, able to get a good handle on what the priests wear; it takes awhile to recognize the telltale aspects of their comfortable clothes, but the coloring and the cut begin to stand out as Ellowyn observes.

As they near the front of the worship hall, which is dominated by a large and beautiful statue of a youngish human man--one half of his face laughing, one half frowning--they see an orcish cleric in the dress style of the Olidammaran priests. He is tall and powerfully built, but not frightening or scary to look at. His smile is approachable and he is not currently attending to anyone.

Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Redfan10
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6Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Sat Aug 11, 2018 5:23 pm

Ellowyn makes sure when they spot the orc to veer slowly toward them leaning more heavily on their cane than was necessary.

They nod smiling at the orc to indicate they're making their way towards him.

"Well met and happy alefest! I'm wondering if you could help me the crowd has me a bit overwhelmed. I'm looking for the altars to leave offerings I could have sworn they were easier to find last time. Although I wouldnt put it past Oli to be having a jest and moving them whenever I visit."
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7Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Sat Aug 11, 2018 6:13 pm

The orc gives them a warm and welcoming smile, laughing easily at the joke. "He does that, yes. Likes to keep us on our toes. But the offerings are left over here, let me show you." Guiding them with slow movements, aware of their difficulties with the cane, the orc shows them over to a collection of long wooden tables set to various heights for pilgrims to leave their gifts.
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8Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Sat Aug 11, 2018 6:45 pm

"oh I was close, it's these crowds I'm not used to them it my first ever alefest. So loud and overwhelming. I'm el pleased to meet you."

They walk with the orc towards the table pulling out their offering.

They were so nervous this stunning orc might be betreygis and that means he's dangerous but only if he thinks I'm anything more than what I appear they remind themselves as they let out a huff of air hoping it comes across as a huff of exertion.

When they reach a table that they can reach to put things on they stop and pull out their music box setting it down and then they grin at the orc. "Watch this" they say excited despite the situation.

They trigger the melody and decide to sing along the words as familiar as the roads they walked as a child.

their eyes close as they pray in their heads offering with all of themselves the fruits of their hands and the sounds of their soul to olidammara. This was always their favourite time. Praying. It didnt matter which god. They genuinely loved them all they had just spent more time with Ehlonna more than the others.

~hey Oli it's Ellowyn it's been a while, don't know if you heard from 'lonna but I've been through a ressurection and it's not been an easy return. Anyway I made this for you thought you'd like the cutesy dark song and I can re trigger it whenever I visit.

I was wanting to talk to you about a situation which you may or may not be aware of. Its to do with the Redfangs family I know their eldest is a servant of yours. I'm not complaining don't worry I just want you to know that they maybe doing some stuff that could have dire consequences for the entire city.

It seems they've gotten involved in a potential kidnapping/running away either way it seems they have attempted to leverage the situation to the families advantage.
it could have been good an excellent use of a mistake made by a member of the family. If it weren't for the part where the one their ransoming is Laerdyas daughter you know the Laerdya working on this plague cure. Well she's so distracted and distraught she's not working on the cure and people are dying Oli more than usual and it's scaring all of us.

If theres any strings you can pull it'd be mighty appreciated even if it's just a little help in the investigation part of our teams mission.

Much obliged my lord~

They open their eyes smiling the tune having ended a few minutes ago.

There it was worth a try after all gods can't know we need help if we don't ask.

They turn back to the orc.
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9Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Sat Aug 11, 2018 7:36 pm

The orcish cleric kneels to touch the music box where it sits on the little table, his expression genuinely impressed. "This... is beautiful. Quite amazing. I have no doubt Olidammara will appreciate such a fine offering. I daresay I have never seen anything quite like it."
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Ellowyn genuinely smiles at that. They would never admit it but they thrilled at being able to Impress people.

"Thank you so much it's unique, I made it myself just for Oli. I'll be able to retrigger it whenever I come back." They hold their hand out to shake the orcs. " El they of the outside pleased to make your acquaintance" they bow slightly "and who do I have the pleasure of addressing?" they smile widely and genuinely

wait why were they enjoying themselves they were in potential danger.
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The man smiles and shakes their hand warmly. "Father Trey, he of Olidammara's temple. How nice to meet someone from the Outside. I'm told it's quite dangerous past our safe walls."
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Tw infertility and children

Ellowyn is unsure. This doesn't seem like the orc their looking for. This man was pretty had a nice smile and was patient with them using their cane when so many other people were not.

He called himself Trey and that could be short for betreygis afterall had they not shortened their own name for this mission?

But if this was betreygis why was he being lovely? This was not the image that father Rik had conjured.
Ellowyn was conflicted.

"So far it's no less dangerous than the forest. In fact the city seems to be more dangerous in my experiences." They chuckle at their own dark humour and then quickly recover.

"I build things and wanted to come let folks at the temple know of my services it's seems like more and more these days we have need for small miracles father. I dont just build trinkets like the gift for Oli. I build things like my cane. Things for other poor souls like myself who need support. Given enough time and enough resources I feel I could build almost anything the gods would allow. I've spoken to the other temples let them know that I can most often be found at the temple of Ehlonna but that if not I can be found watching the children play with the preists near the temple of Yondalla," they let their voice go wistful at the mention of children. It was something they had never allowed themselves to express out loud before but now it was necessary. They needed an excuse to mention Yondalla to test "treys" reaction but letting themselves feel the emotions they had kept bottled up for a while was disconcerting. Children had always been a hard point for Ellowyn. Born without the ability to conceive it was something they had never allowed themselves to want. But now they burped jar of emotional repression and let it show on their face.

(OOC insight on "Trey" when Ellowyn is talking about children and Yondalla 12+3= 15 which is a bit better but also Ellowyn is very overwhelmed and I feel in more danger than they realise)

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Trey's face gentles at the mention of children. "That is good to know. Good to know, indeed. Many of Olidammara's children have need of assistive devices--the 'laughing rogue' tends to get into the kind of scrapes where limbs or eyes can be lost. I will remember to send parishioners your way, as the need arises. And, of course, you are always welcome to visit and worship here. Olidammara welcomes all."
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14Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:52 pm

"Thats mighty appreciated Trey but Jagel bontefette over at Ehlonnas mentioned to make sure I was to tell specific people at each temple, said they were the most likely to know who was in most need of my services. I was supposed to tell father betreygis redfang here at oli's. You don't know if he's around do you trey? I really don't want to mess up." They let all the worry and stress of the last few days show in their body and face hoping it makes them more sympathetic.

They needed to know if this man was betreygis they needed to know if they could relax a little or if they needed to extricate themselves from the situation as soon as possible. He was so charming so kind, so dreamy. It couldn't be him surely? Please don't let it be him.

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15Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:24 pm

Trey chuckles warmly at the request. "I could pass it along to Father Betreygis Redfang if you like," he teases lightly, his smile easy-going.
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16Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Tue Aug 14, 2018 7:50 am

Ellowyn relaxes slightly, okay so this wasn't betreygis, i mean why else would someone say they would pass the message on if they were the intended recipient.

But, he was an orcish olidammaran priest,it would be utterly naive to think he wasn't in some way related to betreygis. Maybe if they spend just a little more time with him.they can find out at very least which orc is betreygis and be able to watch him.

If not maybe they could spend this evening watching father trey. They couldn't report back to the others with no new leads not when they only had 2 days to try and come up with a better plan than Laerdyas.

"Maybe... How about a drink first? I'm sure you must get breaks and poor old me could use some help finding a place to sit quietly for a while. Recover a little catch a second wind so I can enjoy this festival now I've left Oli his present. Maybe you can tell me more about it...and yourself if I'm lucky. " They blush, smile slightly and for once are utterly grateful that their regular betrayal by their body could add to this ruse.

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17Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Tue Aug 14, 2018 2:45 pm

Father Trey laughs easily at the offer, looking faintly surprised and a little amused. "Well, if you're looking for food and drink, the best of Alefeast is being served in the refreshment hall," he points out, offering his arm to guide them.
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18Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:13 pm

They take the offer of his arm if only to revel in the feel of another person for the second time in one day. This time it's not the intoxicating softness that Ka'ri exudes despite herself, this was strange and thrilling it makes Ellowynwyn weak the knees suddenly grateful that he offered them his arm.

Maybe this is a good Redfang? Maybe he hates what his family does. Ellowyn still hoped that this wasn't a Redfang at all. Maybe they were wrong, at very least they hoped if he was a Redfang he wasn't a violent one.

"So tell me about the food and drink what would you recommend as the quintessential alefest experience for someone's first time" They hold his glance for perhaps a second longer than necessary lost for a moment in the lines of his face.

As they're walking they look around acting the tourist while looking to see if anyone is paying particular interest in the pair as they walk and talk. Perhaps a big scary looking orc with a name tag saying hi my name is betreygis Redfang in big red letters.

(Ooc perception 11+3= 14)
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19Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:37 pm

Alas, no scary orc appears as Father Trey leads them to the dining hall.

Laughing, he answers their question. "Well, the ale is quite good--good enough to name the holiday after it! If you're hungry, we must get you some nice pickles or, if you prefer sweetness, some fruit jam with honey. They drizzle it over fried bread dough and it's absolutely delicious."
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20Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:57 pm

Ellowyn considers a moment the food options. Honestly the way you sold that fried sweet thing made my stomach growl so I'm going to listen to it." They absently rub treys arm happy to be walking like this pressed close to him.

"So is betreygis like a friend? a relative? A boss or even..." They pause a moment to make their tone match the mock salacious gossip voice they'd heard Marta use many a time " an arch rival sworn to forever be trying to infere?" They laugh at their own joke although it strikes them that this could be true and be hitting a sore spot for trey so they lapse into silence blushing hoping he saw the humour they were attempting.

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21Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Fri Aug 17, 2018 4:13 pm

Trey gives them an amused smile tinged with just a hint of curious frown. "Let's go with 'boss'," he says with a rich chuckle. "I always do as he deems best." Leading the way, he brings them to a stall where bread sizzles and fries in a pan of oil, and the sweet scent of honey and jam suffuses the air.
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22Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Fri Aug 17, 2018 5:14 pm

Noting his frown they chuckle "don't worry, I'm not some weird betreygis stalker.
its just jagel made it seem like he'd be the one I would be regularly dealing with and that getting on his good side could mean some good contracts in the future, I was hoping to meet him to Introduce myself to try and make a good impression I even dressed up" they gesture at their outfit blushing again hoping they look as good as they felt. "Its a shame to waste the outfit I don't suppose you could introduce us maybe help me make a good first impression." They bat their eyelids playfully at trey.

They turn to the stall vendor and order two order of the fried dough and hands one to trey when it arrives.
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23Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Sat Aug 18, 2018 5:41 pm

Trey looks amused at the eye-batting, leading them to a table for two once the fried dough is ready and flagging down a harried server to ask for two honey meads to go with the sweet treat. When the tankards are brought, he slides one across the way to Ellowyn. "Cheers," he says with a chuckle, lifting his glass. "To good first impressions. And I'll see what I can do to pass along the word. He's quite busy, you know."
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24Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Sat Aug 18, 2018 6:11 pm

Ellowyn pouts slightly but nods and says" I understand, another time perhaps, I'll just have to figure out a different outfit that is equally impressive." They ponder quietly lapsing into silence momentarily, maybe if they talked long enough and as honestly as they could he might at least confirm more of the family tree or something that would be innocuous if not for the team gathering some hardcore research every tiny bit of information could help especially if the others find any new leads on Thorne in their search of slums today.

As their brain works they try their fried dough and jam their eyes light up as they take their first bite. Its fluffy and golden soft yet slightly crisp. It was perfection. All thought of anything resembling a plan fled temporarily as they desperately try to communicate with only their eyes to trey how incredible this was. Dear sweet gods this was almost as good as hand holding this was almost as good as the sight of high polish copper.
They emptied their mouth desperate to enthuse
"Wooooowwwww that is just outstanding isn't it? How do you they do it do you think, mother tried to teach me to cook and I was ... Fine enough" they awkwardly finish hearing an echo in their head of the horrific lessons they'd been forced to endure with their mother. Their grandmother had called it intergenerational bonding. They cringed away from the memory.
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25Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) Empty Re: Rogues and Revelry (Ellowyn) on Sat Aug 18, 2018 6:18 pm

Trey grins at the question. "The trick is in the batter and the temperature," he explains easily, launching into an explanation. "The batter has to be just the right amount of warm when it goes into the oil, and the oil has to be just the right amount of hot. It's all very precise, even if they make it look slap-dash." His grin widens. "What do you think of the mead?"
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