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Glen's Letter to the Druids

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1Glen's Letter to the Druids Empty Glen's Letter to the Druids on Sat Jul 21, 2018 7:22 am

Glen sits at the small table in his single-room house outside the wall, a candle burning. A cup of hot, spiced herbal tea sits nearby,  He stares at the blank sheet, pen in hand, for what feels like an eternity. What in the world did he have in common with these druids? He puts the pen down and gets up from his chair, walking over to look out the window.

He looks up at the stars. It's late, and a quiet stillness that goes with that lateness has crept over the small neighborhood. He lives far enough from the wall that looking out, he can see in the distance the beginnings of the forest, the lush trees and dark paths of his upbringing. Glen decides he's going for a walk.

He steps out into the cool night air wearing just his traveling clothes. He walks up the path outside his house that brings him a few steps closer to the forest - albeit only the tiniest fraction closer. Here, outside the wall, the population wasn't nearly as dense and there were many more patches of grass and even a few trees here and there. He stops at a small bit of green space with a young oak tree, and sets himself down on the ground, leaning against the tree.

Glen pauses, listening to the quiet around him. A soft breeze rustles the leaves of the tree above him. He considers the druidic connection to nature, and his own connection to Obad-Hai and the wilds. He closes his eyes, allowing his senses to take in the smell of the grass, the sound of the leaves, the feel of the rough bark against his back. He reaches out with his mind, with that connection to the wild beauty and brutal ferocity of the untamed world -- and the untamed world reaches back. Glen feels an unfamiliar power coursing through him; something different than his ordinary heightened vision and tracking abilities. No, this was something new altogether. Could it be magic?

Glen rises slowly, feeling strange but reassured. He had heard of more advanced rangers from his tribe finding such a deep connection to nature that they developed their own natural magical abilities. He never thought he would be such a ranger. He walks briskly back to his house. He sits down, the candle still burning, picks up the pen, and begins to write.

Druids of Darkwater:

My name is Glynlen Liadon, a ranger of the Naïlo tribe. I write today with the utmost humility and respect in seeking your help.

The city of Bright-Light-on-the-Water is in turmoil. A plague ravages the city, and I am told it has moved beyond the city walls and into the forest. This plague is unnatural and foreign to me. It threatens the city itself, but also my tribe and likely your circle as well.

There are powerful people in the city who are attempting to restore the natural order and combat the plague. I am aiding these people in hopes that I can spare not only the city, but the forest as well, from the ravages of the plague.

To aid them, I am investigating bandit activity outside the city, near Black Dagger Peak. The bandits have become emboldened of late, having murdered a squad of military escorts on the road. Worse still, I am told there is a new bandit tactician in the forest. This tactician may be connected to dark forces attempting to slow down the city's efforts to combat the plague, who have kidnapped an elf child of one of the researchers.

If you can provide me with any information about recent bandit activity in that area, or about this bandit tactician, or anything else you may find relevant to my efforts, I would be deeply grateful. If you send a response with the messenger who delivered this, I will get it.

Blessings of Obad-Hai be upon you and your circle.

Glynlen Liadon
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