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Sunrise's Plans

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1Sunrise's Plans Empty Sunrise's Plans on Fri Jul 20, 2018 3:09 pm

Eleint 8th, morning

Griff said: She's talking to Veshti about spying on Immeral, and then closing herself into Veshti's library to do some research, organize her thoughts, and yes, make some visual aids. She'll talk to Elinor about Lucky.

Veshti will absolutely set up this party, probably for the 9th or the 11th. Neither of those days are feasting days for Olidammara, so you won't miss anything there. The 9th seems a little fast, even by Veshti's magical organization skills, but it's a small impromptu gathering and she can spin it as spontaneous fun.

HOWEVER, if she sets it for the 9th, that's going to take up Ka'Ri for the rest of the 8th for fittings (and possibly to buy / gather her tools for safe cracking and lock-picking and the like). That'll cut into the other things she wanted to do re: market stuff. If she wants to do that stuff first, the party will be the 11th.

Elinor is perfectly happy to bring Sunrise with her to the temple to see Lucky tonight; it'll be busy with lots of tourists and she feels safer and more comfortable with a friend along.
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2Sunrise's Plans Empty Re: Sunrise's Plans on Fri Jul 20, 2018 3:23 pm

Update: 11th it is, then.
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