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Voted Best Garden in Brilight (Ellowyn, Sunrise, Marta)

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Sunrise hesitates. "...His name is Lucky," she says after a moment. "Not to imply that all tieflings know each other, but he's a friend of a friend. And... I'm not at liberty to gossip, per se, but I know who he's dating."

She frowns. "Remember, though, Betreygis Redfang is also a cleric of Olidammara, so we can't assume the god or his followers will be on our side. They might protect his interests."
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Ellowyn nods

"I think at this point it's worth a try though, I hardly think olidammara would want their followers interfering inadvertently with a cure for a plague that effects us all. Perhaps betreygis doesn't realise the unintended actions of his family and a gentle push from his god might help?"

They new it was a small chance but when everything seemed this impossible they didn't know what else to do but ask for divine help.

"Marta do you think you might be able to tell my other clients that I will be unavailable for at least 2 weeks?

Is there anything else you need adjustments on we can go into the house if need be, I'm sure sunrise wouldn't mind the chance to look around the garden for a short while."

They begin to gather their tools back into transportable fashion ready for whatever is needed.

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Marta nods with a wry twist of her lips. "I can pass the word along to your clients, yes."
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"Sunrise I think you and I should go collect some small supplies two streets west of here and then it's over to your place to meet veshti finally. Its a day of meetings. So much to remember" they say a tad wearily.

They stand and look at Marta an unspoken flood of affection for the woman. "Hopefully I'll be seeing you soon" a small nod and they collect all of their spare things unsure when they'll have a chance to retrieve the bulk of their things.

They pause a moment over retrieving the last two items in the cubby. They are recent purchases something they never wanted to buy but after their murder they felt they had no choice. A shield about 4 times the width of their forearm and protudes around 3 inches out at either end (ooc kind of like this but more muted browns with a symbol of Ehlonna on the inside that would be held closest to their heart. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-zpf-CB190Yk/VSaeVEWpE7I/AAAAAAAACrk/yJDj5J-lEu8/s1600/buckler_1.jpg )

The second thing produces a heavy scrapong noise as Ellowyn brings it out. A small but heavy looking mace is produced as they grimace. They attach both things to their travel pack and heft the whole affair onto their back.

It *was* still refreshing being able to lift heavy things and carry more than they used to be able.

They double check everything one last time as well as tapping the coins on the inside of their shirt, belted and tucked in shirt resting on the outside of their binder

They were not used to this much money at one time it made them feel more vulnerable.

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A flicker of worry crosses the old woman's face as they leave, perhaps troubled by the weapon and shield. "Be safe, dear," she orders in a softer voice. "And get some rest when you can. I mean it."
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Sunrise gives the old woman a nod. "I'll make sure they do."

Outside, she glances at Ellowyn. "Okay. Shopping, then Veshti. Sounds like a plan."

(OOC: scene?)
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(Ooc I believe that's a scene at some point sunrise and Ellowyn need to discuss this other person at the temple or like we can say we've spoke And you can just give me the low down in chat or something? Whichever is best for you. But I'm currently writing a little down time scene of building some stuff.)
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[Thread Close. You both get 50 XP.]
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