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The Princess' Diary (Thimb)

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1The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:49 pm

[OOC: Alright, Thimb, what did you want to throw at this diary when you have a minute?]
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2The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:01 pm



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3The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:55 pm

Detect Magic: You do not sense the presence of magic on the journal. There is no aura, no school of magic, nothing, nada. The paper, ink, and letters are all mundane in nature.

Identify: Assuming you cast Identify in spite of the Detect Magic result being null, the Identify spell returns equally mundane results: the journal is neither magical nor a magic-imbued object, and no spells are affecting it.

It would appear that Gwynnestri found a non-magical way to disguise her thoughts from prying eyes in a tower filled to the brim with mages.
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4The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:26 am


Investigation! 15+7= 22
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5The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:19 pm

[Serious question: Has Thimb ever done any kind of cipher/deciphering work before? Even for fun?]
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6The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:46 pm

Isn't that like, 30% of understanding any arcane texts?
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7The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:47 pm

HA, okay, so one trip to the library later to learn about codes which aren't used in arcane texts, Thimb is immersed in the world of code-cracking and deciphering teenager's journals.

It takes... a while. She works out that a standard "letter shift" renders some of the entries readable, but the number of letter shifts seems to change for each entry and it would be time-consuming to brute-force the journal. Then she hits upon the realization that the number of letters shifted for each entry is based on the date of the entry. From there, the journal is an open book to her, but each passage takes a painstaking amount of time to translate... and the results are still odd, in some parts.

Still, she has something to take with her to the first meeting with Sunrise and Ka'Ri. The journal has 30 entries from front to back. Which entry do you want to translate and take to the meeting: first, last, or one in the middle?
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8The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Sat Jul 07, 2018 5:11 pm

Start at the end and work her way backwards.
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9The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Sun Jul 08, 2018 12:36 am

[Translated on Eleint 7th]

(#30) F.18

This heatwave is unbearable. It's too hot to eat. It's too hot to sleep. It's too hot to think. E has started running around the tower in nothing but a sarong wrap that clings from waist to knee and leaves nothing at all to the imagination. L just sighed and told him to make sure it was knotted good and tight so it wouldn't fall off a second time. That's how hot it is. Civilization is doomed; savagery cannot be far behind.

I've started sleeping with the window open. She doesn't like it, but what else am I supposed to do? Broil in my sleep? Imagine the headlines on the broadsheets if that happened, how embarrassing that would be. Fair Maiden of Feytower Fatally Fried. Friends and Family A-Frenzied. In Lieu of Flowers, Send... Fireworks? No, it's no good; it's too hot to be clever. I shall just lie here and be as stupid as the heat makes me feel.

Gods, I want another iced tea, but I don't want to get dressed to go downstairs and get one. L would have the staff send one up if I asked, but then they have to walk up all those stairs and I can't bear to put them through that. No, better to just sweat and suffer and surrender sooner to the sweltering summer sun.

I'm so nervous. I'm trying not to be. But I'm scared and terrified and a million other emotions all at once. My veins are on fire. My heart beats too fast. I feel like I'm dying. Am I sick? Has someone poisoned me? I don't think so. I've been so careful. I won't be gotten that easily. Yet if nothing foul pollutes my blood, then these feelings are my own and I don't want them. Oh, sweet Mother! Dying would be preferable to this burning.

I think I will go to bed. It's too early to sleep, but too hot to move. I can't even cry anymore. Let the sky weep in my place. Her tears will beat the ground, wash into the sea, and mingle with Umberlee's rage and Osprem's sweet sorrow. The heat will break and all will be right with the world once more.

Reminder: I need to buy more ink, I'm almost out.

[Thimb receives 25 XP for deciphering this entry.]
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10The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:37 pm

[Translated on Eleint 8th]

(#29) F.17

I'm still angry with him, and I've decided I'm not being unfair.

I know someone else would think I'm stupid to be mad about something so little. Well, it's not little to me! He says he loves me, but does he see me? Understand me? Know me at all? After all this time, he should know me more than anyone else, but where is the evidence of that? He's just like the others, seeing only what's on the outside but never what's in my heart. I'm allowed to be mad about that. I'm allowed.

The flowers went into the fireplace. I burned them until I didn't have a drop of magic left in me. Even the ashes are ash. Afterwards, I thought L might get suspicious and ask why I had a fire going in the middle of the day during summer, but no one even noticed! I took a nap, then opened the window and flung the ashes out onto the breeze. No one saw. No one cares. I could die up here and they'd just quietly clean around my body. "What a long nap she's taking!" they'd say.

I think I'll take another nap. At least when I sleep, they don't ask why my eyes are red. I can cry all I want.

Postscript. S came around after dinner and asked if I was feeling well. Wonder of wonders. I said I was fine, but I don't think I sounded very convincing. Now they're all going to be worried that I'm coming down with something new. I'm too tired to argue otherwise. Maybe if they think I'm sick, they'll let me sleep in peace.

[Thimb receives 25 XP for deciphering this entry.]
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11The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:40 pm

[Translated on Eleint 8th]

(#28) F.16

I couldn't sleep last night. I needed to get to the temple, I needed to see him, I needed to feel the fresh air and talk to someone because I think I'm losing my mind. I tossed and turned the whole night long, and of course this heat is only making everything so much worse. I swear my bedsheets are trying to entangle me. All week, I've dreamed of shackles and manacles and chains. I can't I can't I can't breathe.

Then I get there and I'm all but running to him and what does he do? He gives me flowers. Shoves them into my hands before I can even say anything. Pink silk flowers that he bought from the vendor stall. The same pink silk flowers he buys every time. I know he's trying to be sweet. I know he didn't know what I knew. I know he wants to please me, to make me smile. But I went off. Angry words were said. He just stood there and looked stunned the whole time I was speaking, his mouth open and his eyes wide. Like a dead fish. Like he had no idea how to react. Like he was frozen to the spot. That just made me more mad.

"Say something," I told him.

"What do you want me to say?" he asked.

I nearly slapped him. This isn't a game to me! I'm not a puzzle to be figured out. I don't want to live my life standing there waiting while he works out what I want to hear him say. I want him to say the right things because they're the right things and because he's the kind of person who does right things. Is that really so hard? Am I asking too much? What would Mother want me to do? Am I being unfair?

Maybe I'm being unfair.

I'm going to read for a while. I'll feel better if I fall asleep with a book in my hands.

[Thimb receives 25 XP for deciphering this entry.]
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12The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Fri Jul 20, 2018 7:55 pm

[Translated on Eleint 8th]

(#27) F.10

I know now why. I know why it's here. It took all night and more books than I could carry in one trip but I know now.

How could she? I'll kill her myself. I'll kill her and then I'll kill it and then everyone will be safe.

Maybe I shouldn't have gone two nights without sleep. I don't fel well. My arms hurt from all the books. and my eyes. and my back. and my everything.

I [the words "just ned some rest" are written here in plain elvish, without being ciphered.]

[Thimb receives 25 XP for deciphering this entry.]
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13The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Fri Jul 20, 2018 7:56 pm

[Translated on Eleint 8th]

(#26) F.9

I didn't notice when they started doing this--I guess to save money?--but they close the library at night now. Lock everything up tight, kick everyone out, make them go to bed and sleep, or at least not stay up all night long studying without food and drink and, like, regular bathing. I guess it's better for the students? Anyway, I know because I snuck downstairs and broke into the library last night so I could research the thing.

The place wasn't empty. There's a couple high-ranking teachers who I guess can come and go as they please, rules be damned. E was there, of course; I heard him moving around talking to himself. But the place is so big and so dimly lit at night that it was easy to avoid everyone and pull the books I wanted. I hid under a table in one of the corner nooks and read everything I could before putting it all back.

If anything, I feel even more sick than I did before. I know now what it is. But I still don't understand why. I'm going back tonight on a hunch. It's farfetched and crazy but... I need to check it out. I need to know.

Nobody saw me leaving my room, but S peered out as I was coming back. Asked me what I was up to and I jumped. Said I went down to the kitchen to make a high-moon snack because I'd been hungry. Not sure if I was convincing, but you can never tell with S. Just nodded and wished me a good night.

I... I wish I could tell S about the thing. I wish I could tell Father. Maybe... maybe if I tell Mother, she can fix it. She wouldn't like the thing any more than I do. She'd agree it was evil. Maybe she'd set it on fire herself.

Yes. I'll tell Mother.

[Thimb receives 25 XP for deciphering this entry.]
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14The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Fri Jul 20, 2018 7:57 pm

[Translated on Eleint 8th]

(#25) F.8

I just found something I don't know how to describe. Or even cope with.

I was in one of the unused labs, looking for material to test a new spell. There was a lock on the door, but it's the same kind I've known how to bypass for years. Just to keep out thieves and first-years who could hurt themselves, right? Doesn't apply to me, yeah? I can just waltz right in and take whatever I want, no?

I'm still shaking. I can't do this. I don't know how to deal with this.

It was hidden in the back of the room under some sheets. I should have noticed the sheets weren't as dusty as everything else. They were damp to touch and I moved them so I could see what was underneath. That's when I saw it. It was being kept in some kind of... I don't know how to describe it. Glass tank? I couldn't stop staring at it. I wanted to faint or vomit or run. How? What is it? Why is it here? How did it get here? Who else knows?

I know she's behind this. She has to be. Who else would do something like this? But why?

Can I kill it? Stab it, bleed it, coat it in oil and set it on fire? It's evil. It needs to be destroyed. Will anyone believe me when I tell them? They're all so in awe of her that they'll go along with any fool plan she comes up with, as long as they believe it will help. I swear, no one thinks around here. That thing probably thinks more than the lot of them combined. What is it thinking about right now?


[Thimb receives 25 XP for deciphering this entry.]
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15The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:48 pm

[Studying in Secret

Alright, we're establishing that Sithani works from afternoon to 6 pm, and the entries are shortish so I'll allow her to grab up 6 total, which I will post here in a moment. (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6)

Thimb is working from afternoon to 10 pm, but she's also really tired after pulling an all-nighter, which means she's working slower and having to correct mistakes. On the up-side, several of hers are also shortish, so I'll allow 10 total. (#24, #23, #22, #21, #20, #19, #18, #17, #16, #15) ]
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16The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:50 pm

[Translated on Eleint 8th by Sithani]

(#1) M.3

I got a new journal today while I was out at the temple.

It seems like a fool idea after the last one ended the way it did, but I've got a new hiding place this time. Maybe this one will last longer than the previous one. Maybe no one will find it. Maybe nobody will cast magic spells on my belongings and read the private words I wrote. Maybe just for once I'll be allowed to have something that's mine and no one else's just because I live at a school full of nosy busybodies who think every scrap of paper contains a spell they need for their collection and that I don't get little luxuries like 'privacy' because I'm tangentially famous enough to not deserve things like basic courtesy. But just in case, here you go right from the beginning, something for you to translate and scribe into your spellbook:

[Here follows a full page of increasingly inventive swear words and combinations of obscenities, all of which are pointedly directed at whoever might be translating the diary.]


(#2) M.4

I forgot to mention I have a new cipher for this one. I mean, obviously. This one is supposed to be harder to crack, and it can't be magicked at in the usual ways so that's a bonus. I kinda hate it? It takes forever to write anything. I basically have to write everything out on scratch paper, apply the cipher, and then copy it over into my journal. Then burn the scratch paper. Which seems pointless? Why bother keeping a record of anything if it's just destined for the fire in one form or another? Why bother at anything, really.

Why do ships keep logs if they're just going to be claimed by Umberlee? I suppose it is the nature of mortals to hope they might strike their mark and that it might survive impending disaster. This will be my ship's log, as I struggle 'gainst the stormy waves.

I don't know what the new chef is putting in the food, but I'm having to run to the toilet five times a day and I do not like it.


(#3) M.7

Dinner was awful tonight, but in a hilarious way. A cat--no one knows whose, nor whether it was a stray or someone's familiar, though if it was someone's familiar then they're going to be in the worst spot of trouble whenever they find out whose familiar it was--got into the kitchens and

[The rest of the page is blank, except for the following at the very bottom.]

Nevermind. L came by to talk and I had to hide the diary and now it just all seems so pointless. What's the point of writing all this down if I can't read it for my own pleasure but I don't want anyone else to see it? Why do I bother to try? I'm going to bed early.


(#4) M.10

I got to escape to the temple today, thank all the gods. Fresh air! Sunshine! Breezes! Candy! Okay, mostly candy, I'll admit. Yummmmm.

Father was there, the way he always is. He was too busy to talk to me today, but that was okay. I just like seeing him, even when he doesn't have time to give. I know he already gives so much and I don't want to be a burden. He's so good hearted and beautiful and gentle and graceful and I just... I don't know how to explain it but... I wish I could be more like him? Maybe not all the way or in every respect, but he's so strong and wise and smart. I love him so much. I keep wanting to write him a poem about his eyes ("like Osprem's waves") but I'm afraid he would think me silly or too much.

His eyes are like Osprem's waves, though. Even Mother would agree, surely, if I asked her.


(#5) M.15

Saaaaaaaaaaaave me from studying because it is too beautiful outside to be cooped up in a stone tower trying to memorize these textbook lists. I don't care that Maiden's Beard only blooms under the dark moon! I don't want to know that Mother's Sorrow grows deepest roots in graveyards! I have a whole portion of my mind forever taken up with the knowledge that mandrake must be picked at precisely high-moon if its magical properties are to be retained. Why do I need to commit all this to memory? As though I'm ever going to be allowed out to collect my own reagents? Ha! The nine hells will boil over first. L is far too 'safety conscious' to allow me out foraging at all, let alone at midnight.

I've read all my new books. I need to buy more. Just two more days until temple again. Lirr, keep me.


(#6) M.17

I return with books! I could dance. I could leap. I could twirl. I could fling open the windows and throw myself onto the wind and fly away and I would never, ever plummet. That's how light my heart is.


One of them is the new Thea Starguide and I had to bite my hands to keep from reading it in one sitting. No, I have to ration it out. Who knows when the next one will be released? But. But. But. Will she catch up with her brothers and teach them the error of their slaver ways? Will she finally confess her true feelings to Kayleah and kiss her? Will Elphie tell Thea how she feels and will she kiss her? Will there be an overwrought love triangle with Kayleah and Elphie because I do not think my heart can stand it? Help. I will die, they will find me dead in my bed, and the Starguide books will be banned for causing the death of 'young innocents' and the world will suffer for my weak heart.

Nothing else much happened today. Father was busy again, so I didn't stay long. I wanted to get home with my book haul. But one unusual thing did happen: I met a boy at the book stand. Only it turns out we already knew each other from long ago. We used to share candy at the temple when we were little kids. I thought maybe we were visiting for the same reason--which would be something, wouldn't it??!--but though I was close, I wasn't quite on the mark. Still, it's nice to meet someone who admires Father as I do. We talked for a long while and I can't remember the last time I had such fun.

He was cute, too.


[Sithani receives 150 XP for deciphering these 6 entries.]
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17The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:59 pm

[Translated on Eleint 8th by Thimb]

(#24) F.6

HE CAME BACK! Oh oh oh oh oh gosh, he came back.

He wasn't avoiding me. He had unexpected business which took him away. He wanted to get a note to me but there was a mix-up and I suppose someone else got the note, ha. I feel so foolish having spent all this time brooding! We talked and talked and talked until it was well past time to go. I've never met anyone who knows me so well, who understands all the things I think and feel and worry over. He... he gets me. More than S does. More than Father does. Maybe not more than Mother, but. Close. So close.

I think I'm falling in love with him. I could stay by his side for a year and a day and never tire of talking to him. When we're together, time flies away on merry wings. Never before have I felt myself a daughter of Lastai, but he makes me warm all over in a way only she would understand. I love him. I do. Gods forgive me, but I do. We even spoke of it, of me running away to be with him. Not like that, not quite like that, but as a member of his crew. It's not a terrible idea! I can do magic, and how many sailors can do that?

I'm tempted. So very tempted.

He gave me flowers again, which made my heart sing. Only they were pink. AGAIN. I made a joke about getting another color next time and he laughed and promised he would. I think he understands. I need him to understand. I'm not Gwynnestri, ball of fluff and lace and pink frills. I'm just me, Gwyn. Who makes her own dinners and visits temple every week to see Father and learns magic and reads romances. If he can't see past the little fragile doll everyone else sees, what hope do I have? None whatsoever.

He'll see. Next time. I believe in him.


(#23) F.4

I can't concentrate and I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate everything. Even my books. Especially my books, now that they remind me of him. It's super extra great to be abandoned by everyone I love, yes.


(#22) F.2

I went to talk to S about Father. I don't like doing that--I always worry it will be uncomfortable--but he was sweet and understanding about it. He says it's natural for me to want to see him and that there's probably nothing wrong. He reminded me that people have lives outside of temple and Father probably had some business he had to attend.

Which is true! But it didn't make me feel a lot better, to be honest. I appreciate that S was trying, don't get me wrong, but... I still don't know any more than I did. I don't know when Father will return or whether he's safe out there. I hate not knowing. I feel like if I just knew what was going on--good or bad--I'd feel better. It's the uncertainty that gets to me.


(#21) F.1

I'm actually really upset that Father wasn't at temple this week? I don't understand because he usually is. The whole reason I picked this schedule was so I could see him on a weekly basis. Has he changed his schedule? Is he sick or on vacation or some kind of holy pilgrimage? I know he doesn't owe me anything, but it really worries me. I want to see him.

Could he be in some kind of trouble?


(#20) K.29

Temple day.

He wasn't there. Father wasn't there. Left without speaking to Mother. Umberlee drown this horrid week.


(#19) K.28

I went a whole day without thinking about him or saying his name or writing it anywhere. I'm doing fabulously. I organized my sock drawer, and then alphabetized my book collection. Then I practiced my magic and took a nap. Then I made myself something to eat from the kitchen.

I'm doing FINE.


(#18) K.26

I would like to stop thinking about the stupid pirate now, please.

Why do I even care? Realistically, it wasn't going to go anywhere. What, was I going to bring him to the tower? "Hello, everyone, please meet my new boyfriend. If he looks familiar, that's because he's a famous pirate. We're going to sail the seas together and kiss every night and be happy. And we'll have a happy ending because that's what lovers do: they live happily ever after together, forever."

Dammit, I'm crying again. Umberlee take you, Korogur. You're a jerk.


(#17) K.25

Sick again, and then I didn't want to write. He wasn't at the temple when I visited, and I know he knows my schedule now. He's too sharp not to know. Which means he didn't show up on purpose, or he forgot. Either way, he's tired of me. Well, it was fun while it lasted and I get to play the fool. Umberlee, let your storms rage with my angry tears, I suppose.

Godsdammit. I really liked him.


(#16) K.15

I saw him. I saw him and he's exactly how I remembered. I didn't even have time to go see Father today, we ended up talking behind the temple to Olidammara the whole time I alloted to visit. He's sweet and funny and made me laugh about a hundred times. Today he asked me about magic and it was so weird to talk to someone who hasn't grown up around it? He knows a few casters and he's related to, like, a powerful sorceress--I didn't understand that part very well, the family tree got labyrinthine very quickly--but it's just not a part of his daily life. So I got to show off a little and he was awed and. well. YES.

Haha, yes, I -- Gwynnestri Siannodel -- impressed one of the most famous and wanted pirates of the sea.

He gave me flowers again, like before. I really love the gesture, but.

They're pink.


(#15) K.12

I've started dreaming about him, which is eighteen different flavors of ridiculous. He's not *that* cute.

(He is totally that cute.)

But it's not just his smile. It's his... everything! The sea scent about him. His smile. The way his eyes are gentle even when he's pretending to be a scoundrel. The roughness of his hands when he kissed mine in greeting, and yet he handled those silk flowers without a single snag. He's a gentleman in a rogue's skin, so how can I help but like him? Then you add in the life I long to live, and I feel like a caged bird yearning to fly. I opened the window tonight and just breathed. It's still scary being so high up, but maybe the fear isn't so bad.

...this is irrational. I need to just stop thinking about him. I won't see him at the temple anymore. It's as easy as that. Besides, he's a pirate. He doesn't need me.


[Thimb receives 250 XP for deciphering these 10 entries.]
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18The Princess' Diary (Thimb) Empty Re: The Princess' Diary (Thimb) on Sun Sep 30, 2018 1:02 pm

[Translated on Eleint 10th by Thimb.]

(#7) M.20

Alright, world, I am sorry I thought a boy was cute. You have adequately punished me by sending E to come by and nervously ask if I needed a talk about the birds and bees. I am mortified.

Apparently I dropped one of my new books when I was bringing them back home on temple day. I was so excited about the newest Thea Starguide that I didn't notice. E found it on the steps and figured out it was mine. (How? I didn't know. I didn't want to know. I asked anyway because I had to, didn't I? He said the book 'smelled of my natural perfume'. WHY. Why are elves so creepy? Does no one TELL them?)

Anyway, he was worried about babies? I seriously considered flinging myself from the tower window rather than continue the conversation, but my fear of heights came in handy for once and I didn't self-terminate. I explained to him that, no, I don't have a boyfriend (or girlfriend) and no, I don't even really want a boyfriend (or girlfriend) and no, I haven't so much as kissed a boy (or girl), so there's really no need to worry about babies. I just like reading the books. He was relieved but then got suspicious and asked if I had done with anyone who wasn't a boy or a girl, and I had to repeat the whole thing all over again but without genders this time.

(I wonder if the priestesses of Lastai have to put up with this sort of conversation on the regular because if so they are warrior-goddesses.)

He left after a horrible awkward explanation that embarrassed him almost as much as it did me. I nearly begged him not to tell anyone before realizing he would sooner cut out his own tongue and eat it for dinner. Something fun for him and me to have in common, I guess.


(#8) M.23

I mastered a tricky spell today! Magical eyeballs are basically the best idea anyone has ever had. I'm going to copy the whole thing out here, because I don't want it in my official spellbook. This one is a secret just for me. Ah-ha, now the observed becomes the observer!

[The spell Arcane Eye is scribed out here.]


(#9) M.24

Temple day!

I got to see Father again, and actually saw him this time. He gave me a big hug and talked to me for a long while about swords and fighting and honor and things of that nature. I couldn't stop smiling like a fool at him the whole time. He probably thinks I'm daft. But I just feel so happy around him. Safe. Warm. Near the end, I did try to ask good questions about swords so he'd think I was learning. I just want him to be proud of me.

Afterwards, I went to tell Mother and give her a kiss. She didn't say much but I knew she was happy.


(#10) M.30

Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh. I feel so sick it's not even funny. The new chef is still head of the kitchen and I've tried not to complain but whatever he's seasoning all the food with, it's killing my insides. I barely made it back upstairs in time, and I wasn't able to hide that I was ill which means everyone noticed.

L is worried and asking around about medications and how to fix me, and I know I should just say "IT'S THE CHEF, IT'S THE FOOD" but I don't want him to lose his job. Everyone else seems happy with the food, so it feels churlish to complain. L would arrange for me to have my own dinner every night apart from what everyone else gets, but I hate being different and special and fragile. I know it's not her fault and she's just trying to help, but her 'help' only makes me feel worse.

Why can't I just be like everyone else for once?

Postscript. S came around and offered to give me a key to the kitchen to use whenever I want to make a snack for myself. Which is really clever! If dinner isn't sitting well with me, I can push the food around my plate, then visit the kitchen later for a private raid. No one has to lose their job and no one has to make a special dinner just for me. I can get whatever I need for myself, like a normal person! Bless S. I love him so much. He's so quiet and you never know what he's thinking, but then he surprises you by being thoughtful.


(#11) K.1

Temple daaaaaay.

I was already excited about getting out to the temple, but then something happened? I was at the book seller buying candy and browsing for new books (nothing yet, boo) when the boy from before came up to me and started talking.

He's still cute (and you can tell he knows it) and his stories are hilarious and so good. He noticed me watching Father practice and wanted me to know that *he* knows all about swords, ha. Because obviously that would impress me, and okay maybe it did a little bit. But I liked more the stories about the sea, and freedom, and the taste of the saltwater spray on your lips. Before I knew it, time had flown by and it was time to go back to the tower. I almost wished I didn't have to.

He bought me flowers, which was sweet. No one ever has before!

They're pink, which... okay. I was wearing pink, I guess it's a reasonable assumption that I like the color.


(#12) K.3

I can't stop thinking about that boy. I know it's silly, but I just. Freedom! Excitement! The sea-faring life sounds so nice. I always thought I didn't know much about it, because I mean. Yes, I read the Thea Starguide books; no, I don't fancy they're even remotely accurate. But hearing him talk about it, I felt this... pull inside me? Like this is something I could do, maybe? If I wanted to? If someone let me?

They'd never let me, though. That's the problem, really.

Do you know I asked him about the food they're allowed to take on voyages? He was all apologetic and wry laughter, like that's the one bad thing, but the stuff he described is stuff I can actually eat. Fish! Dried meat! Basic seasonings! None of this "sprinkle a little of all the most expensive spices you can find" and then race upstairs afterwards to lose it all. Why couldn't I have been born a pirate's daughter?


(#13) K.4

I want to see him again. I'll look for him when I go to the temple next time.

I know, I know. But I just... want to talk to him.

That's all.


(#14) K.11

Ugh, ugh, ugh!! I haven't been able to write in DAYS and I didn't get to the temple because I came down sick again. I hate being sick! Every damn time I get up a rhythm with this diary, I come down with something and can't write. Then I get out of practice and my hand hurts (ouch) and I have to re-learn the cipher because I forget the shortcuts when I don't use them for a couple days.

I'm still not feeling all the way better. I think I'll go to bed early.


[Thimb receives 200 XP for deciphering these 7 entries and finishing the diary.]
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