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Side Conversations By The Side Door (Sunrise, Honey, Ellowyn)

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Ellowyn gasps but grins widely when they hear their friends intentions. "I'll do what I can to help I don't really understand the politics that operate here I must admit but even I can see something is rotten about this city."

Ellowyn rolls their eyes good-naturedly and chuckles at the descriptions of sunrises friend's.

At the mention of Marta a soft smile crosses their face.

"She's oh gosh she's a whirlwind. She is indomitable.
She's half halfling too and she has been known to use the preconceptions to her advantage on multiple occasions. She's a social mover and has influence in more places than I can name I'm sure of it. She gets me work from all over and I can stay with her whenever as long as I do work for her. Kind of the condition of my ressurection but I don't mind, she knew folk needed me still and I'm not ungrateful I do appreciate the chance to keep exploring and learning new things. Especially having access to the feytower Library is not something I thought I'd get a chance at."
Their voice trails off lost in all the weirdly bittersweet feeling around their ressurection.

They shake themselves slightly

"Would veshti have any books on protocol in temples, or maybe some advice. I visit olidamara a bit but I want to try and endear myself a little more I usually just meditate leave an offering speak to anyone who needs my assitance usually directed to me by accolytes in unofficial capacity and then go.

Perhaps this time I formally introduce myself and let the higher ups know of my services."

Ellowyn keeps their voice low as the trio make their way through the west side heading toward the sundistrict
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She frowns, thinking. "I visit a few temples around the city, but as far as I know there isn't one set protocol. We can ask, though. Veshti might know more."

She hesitates. "There... might be another way to approach the Olidammara temple. Elinor's also been spending time with one of their priests. I don't know if he's trustworthy, though."
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Honey does indeed respond to Sunrise's mental nudging, stretching and flying to circle and sniff Ellowyn before plopping on the gnome's shoulders for a ride. She isn't light; she's the size and weight of a small-to-medium sized cat.
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As honey plops down on to Ellowyn shoulder they can't help but let a tiny squeal. Then they take a deep breath turn their head and look honey in the eyes. "Pleased to meet you honey, you have the most beautiful eyes." Then they carry on as though nothing is different

"So Marta can be a little brusque but you could charm a rock so I'm not too worried. She'll most likely be in her greenhouse."

Ellowyn directs them to the very edge of the sun district where the smaller yet no less elegant homes are. Marta's house is modest compared to others but her garden outshines every single one on her street. Ellowyn bends to smell some of the border flowers as insects lazily fly. The smell is heavenly.

"This place is as close to nature as i feel in this city except at the temple." They say simply letting the garden speak for its self. Flowers and aromatics everywhere it seemed the greenery was some how just greener here.

Ellowyn heads into the garden cutting a path that is hidden until you look closely. As they pick their way down the path wafts of scent drift up.

"I like to give these babies a little extra love when I can put in a good word with Ehlonna when I pray." They grin obviously proud of their contribution to this beauty.
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(ooc shall I set up a new thread for Marta house in the sun district one? It is it admin only?)
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[Actually, yes, go ahead and set a thread--I only just caught up with the description above and it's good and lovely. Is it just Ellowyn or are they taking Sunrise to meet Marta?]
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(Taking sunrise with, I just need to eat and then I'll set that up you okay for me to come up with the house description?)
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[I am, yes! I wasn't gonna make you do the work, but then I saw your pretty garden and was like *grabby hands*, ha. But if you decide you don't wanna, I can do it. Just let me know, hon.]
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( I am in a mood to describe things this will be fun!)
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(As Im not sure how to do the fancy pants editing I apologize but thread continues here!

Voted Best Garden in Brilight

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[Thread Close. Everyone who was in this thread gets 50 XP.]
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