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Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom

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51 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:11 pm

Jarek steps up beside his sister and gives her a right on nod.  "I'm with Thimb.  Something this nasty, if there's any way we can help, I think we all want to."  He grins tuskily.  "I'd do it for free but chimeras gotta eat.  This has just been a lot all at once, I think, and we've barely met each other, but if a few of Brilight's finest and myself can't work together to save a gal in mortal peril, what hope does the rest of the city have, eh?"

He casts an assessing eye over the gathered party.  "Maybe some of us have been through rough times ourselves, maybe we need a minute to find our feet before we dive into the work.  Like Kord tells us--flesh tears and knits tougher, bones break and mend stronger."  Jarek thumps his broad chest with a fist, which perhaps only Thimblewhick realises is also the place where he was so recently impaled.  "All I see here are passionate hearts, Commissioner.  Might be that's what makes the difference in the end.  Usually does."
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52 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:28 pm

Luther listens to these pleas with an impassive expression, but there is a faint relaxing of the skin around his eyes and he nods with approval as each of them speak. "Good. I'm glad, truly; I do not like wasting lives or time."

Ellowyn's direct look in his eyes, and their suggestion that he sit for a moment, seems to disconcert him; for them alone is he unable to maintain eye contact and he looks away. Ignoring the suggestion, he addresses their questions instead. "The birds were drawn to the tower by an attraction spell, and then questioned through a spell that allows communication with beasts. They're not the smartest of animals and they don't really differentiate people by face; we only pieced together that it was Korogur--as opposed to any other random orc--after assembling over a dozen bird's eye accounts from different angles. A familiar or magical beast could recognize and report on the man's movements, but we'd need to know where to send it first. At this time, we don't know if he's at sea or hiding in the slums. No one will tell us."

Thimb's statement draws a softer look from him and he hesitates. "Gwyn is a very sheltered girl and not... very experienced with romance. But I believe it is safe to say that she finds men interesting, yes. Enough so that I do not think the theory implausible." He sighs and shakes his head. "And if she is smitten with the pirate, I agree that having the note available may be necessary to convince her to come with you."

Drawing the key from his pocket, he tosses it in Sunrise's direction. It seems, for just a moment, that he intends the tiefling girl to catch the flashing little metal bar as it tumbles through the sunlight--then the creature which has been flying near her shoulder darts forward to grab it in its little mitts. "Go retrieve the ransom letter from Laerdya's office and bring it back here," Luther orders. Purring to itself, the homunculus flits out the open door and down the stairwell.

[OOC: Does anyone else have any questions they want asked and answered before I bring the bursar up with your money and toys?]
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53 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:51 pm

Thimb hesitates, but, well, he asked if they had any questions...

She took a moment to muster her courage again. "How do you know we all died? And, is that part of why we're here?" it still didn't feel... right, to her. Surely too big a coincidence, not THAT many people had been died and brought back within the last little while, right?
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54 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:13 pm

Luther raises his eyebrows very slightly. "So it is all of you, then? I did try to make that condition a discreet part of my inquiries, but I was not able to confirm in each case."

Sighing, he looks back at the coffin and the wax figure within. "Chalk it up to one of Laerdya's... whims. She knows that some of you might die on this mission, and the thought troubles her. We could always offer to raise someone from her personal funds, but... it's not that simple. A soul has to want to return to its body, or the resurrection won't take. The body stays dead and the family is left behind to mourn."

Running a hand over his hair, he shakes his head. "Laerdya lost someone a long time ago who refused to come back when the clerics called him. His decision... hurt her very deeply. I think she cannot bear to put another family through that. She asked for people who have been raised from the dead because, I believe, she takes that as an indication that you would be amenable to another resurrection, if necessary."

Sobering, he gives them all a stern look. "Which is not to say we have unlimited funds with which to raise you all if you take reckless chances. If Gwyn is recovered, and if one or more of you die in the process of saving her, we will arrange for you to be brought back again. But I urge you to be careful and not waste your lives. Resurrection is a serious business, as I hope you know."
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55 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:55 pm

Ellowyn visibly balks at the idea of another ressurection.

It was not something they wanted to think about. Would they come back to this body? This body completely unlike their own. This alien vessel that they were yet to feel comfortable with. They honestly didn't know and that scared them.

"I shall be making a concerted effort not to be dying any time soon I assure you."

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56 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:03 am

"Resurrection is serious, and if I recall correctly the dying part isn't particularly fun either," Sunrise says dryly. When the homunculus returns she glances over the letter, then hands it to Ka'Ri. "We'll work on avoiding that. I assume you want locks of our hair or something similar, though, in case the worst happens?"
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57 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:08 am

"If you don't mind, yes," Luther says with a nod. "The bursar should be bringing up empty bottles and labels for keeping the samples straight. Mind you, if you could try to die in a way that allows for the recovery of your body, that's easier and cheaper," he adds with a dry smile.
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58 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:14 am

"Oh I'll be sure to send you a bird message to figure out where my body is" Ellowyn says dryly with a subtlest hint at a smirk playing over their lips.

Ellowyns hands fly to their cane removing a small piece and their hands fly up to their copper locks they slice off a small handful from the back of their messy bun. Then they realise that the bursar wasn't there yet and they were left standing a clump of their hair in the middle of this bizzare tableaux.

They extend their small foldable knife to anyone else who wants it and blushes slightly.
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59 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:17 am

Sunrise accepts it and cuts off a single curling lock, the sort one might give as a love-token before leaving on a voyage, then calmly hands the knife on.
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60 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 3:17 am

Sithani takes it, cuts off as small a lock as she thinks the spell will accept, then passes the knife on. "Feels like an initiation rite."
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61 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 3:54 am

A soft knock at the open door signals the arrival of the bursar: a portly dwarvish woman with a soft face and mahogany skin dusted with darker freckles on her arms and cheeks. "Wellby said to come up, sir?" she asks, her polite voice a rich baritone timbre.

"Thank you, Enid, yes," Luther says, nodding for the woman to come in. "Eight, please. For Laerdya."

The woman pushes her way easily past the group, finds an ottoman to sink into, and begins pulling items in a businesslike fashion from two big bags she'd brought in slung over each shoulder. The array of parcels and packages she draws from the bags quickly take up more space, in total, than should be present in the bags. Magic, apparently, is at work again.

First: There are sample bottles. Locks of hair are stored for those party members who will allow the storage, and the bottles are carefully labeled by the bursar and under-signed by the person who gave the sample. (A little paper receipt is printed in fine ink and given to each person, though what they are supposed to do with the receipt is never explained.) The samples are then gently packed back away in the magic bags.

Second: Money bags are drawn out and handed around to each member. These have a nice heft, each the size of a man's fist. Enid informs them that the contents contain 100 gold apiece for a week's wages, plus a bonus of 50 gold for coming to the job interview. This is a princely sum; an artisan selling wares at the market would be lucky to earn 10 gold a week. The coins in the bags contain a strong mix of silver and copper, which is a kindness; only a fool would flash a bag full of gold around back home in the slums.

Third: Enid withdraws eight metal emblems which look like an eight-pointed stars wrought from a silver alloy; the symbol can mean several things in Brilight iconography, but often generically signifies magic. Carved on one side of the star is a stylized L in a thin thread of gold, while a tiny chip of sapphire bisects the length of the L. The emblem is tiny enough that the materials themselves would bring no great price on the market; the value lies in who is associated with the emblem. "If you show that to Captain Callahan," Luther explains, "he will know I gave it to you and he should make time to answer any reasonable questions. However, please remember he is doing so as a courtesy to me; I do not hold direct political power over him or his office."

Fourth: She pulls out eight identical necklaces which look like nothing any of them have ever seen before. They aren't silver or gold; instead, they seem to be woven from thin glittering strands of the palest copper in existence. The necklaces are long in length and can be looped over the head twice for a double strand to wear at the neck, or can be left in a single strand to disappear within the clothes. They are lighter than fabric and faintly warm against the skin. "Laerdya made these," Luther says as the necklaces are passed around. "Please wear them at all times, or at least keep them on your person. If you find Gwyn, or find someone you think might be Gwyn, toss the necklace over her head. If the target is Gwyn, the metal will glow. If it's someone made to look like her--with magic or by artifice--the metal will not react."

Fifth: Packages of something soft wrapped in paper are produced and handed around; unlike everything else so far, these are addressed to each party member by name. "Cover stories for why you were called to the tower today, and why you may attend the tower in the future," Luther explains. Each package has a sheaf of brief instructions--which are to be left with the bursar after reading--and clothing which fits the wearer. Each party member now has a "job" at the tower which they are in no way required to attend, but which can give them a plausible reason for coming and going as needed.


Jarek Riptide and Thimblewhick Riptide are given official Feytower stable-hand tunics. Their cover story is that the Feytower has acquired some specialty mounts which they are trying to train for wizards to ride upon, and the Riptides were hired because of their experience handling magical animals.

Sithani Molana and Ellowyn Naninger are given student robes. Their cover story is that they have been accepted for study at the Feytower to learn arcane magic (in Sithani's case) and the history of divine magic (in Ellowyn's case). This is a great honor and an expensive one; Sithani's tuition is supposedly being paid by her mother, while Ellowyn's sponsor is Marta.

Ka'Ri Af Osprem is given a servant's tunic. Her cover story is that she has taken a job in the kitchens as a scullery maid. This isn't glamorous work, but it's steady and pays reasonably better than she'd receive in the slums. It is also the sort of low-profile job a thief might acquire in order to case a place prior to a theft.

Sunrise is given the sash of an adjunct teacher, though her paper carefully explains she is not a teacher; instead, she has been given a temporary job in the main library. This is an enormous sprawling world of books, scrolls, and parchment--a place of wonder and chaos badly in need of organization. This job fits Sunrise's earlier internship at the courthouse: the work is not hard and the potential to meet the city's movers and shakers is unparalleled.

Glynlen Liadon and Rik Templeborn are given belts and over-the-armor tunics in the colors and insignia of the tower guard. They are "on loan" from their respective posts to the Feytower guard while administration tightens up the holes in security which led to Gwynnestri being kidnapped in the first place. They have been assigned posts at different towers, and there is no reason for anyone to assume that they are working together or working to find Gwyn.
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62 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:00 am

Sunrise lets out a low whistle, slipping the sash over her head. "If we do good, do we get to keep our cover stories for real?"
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63 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:49 am

Glen accepts the items carefully and quickly reads over the notes, nodding. Figuring it would be best to be seen exiting the tower in the garb of his new 'job,' he slips on the tunic and fastens the belt around his waist. He then dutifully slices off a lock of his own short, dark hair with the offered knife, places the sample into a bottle, and hands the bottle back to the bursar. He hands the knife to anyone else who may need it or, if not, hands the knife back to Ellowyn with a grateful nod.
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64 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 9:39 am

Luther blinks at Sunrise's request, not having expected this question. "I... think we can work out something, sure."
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65 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:18 am

Stable hand. It made sense, but Thimb felt a pang of envy at the two student robes. Well, what had she expected when she got the summons? For The Lady Laerdya was so impressed with that trick she pulled with egg shells to replace chalk that she wanted her to help research a cure for the plague? To be impressed with her academic works? She took the offered knife, shoving those thoughts aside. Her own ego had no place here.

She wanted to help this girl, and so what ever else she felt didn't matter. Saving her did.

An unruly curl was cut and dropped into the bottle with no ceremony, handing it back to the bursar, "Thank you," she said to them, wanting to be polite even if her mood had soured a little.
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66 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:05 pm

Ka'Ri felt raw and disoriented.

She was giddy, joyous even to not be dead and even more grateful that Luther had dropped his "seem like an asshole to appear smart" mask.

But she still felt off balance as she accepted the items silently, tucking both the package and the coin purse into her jacket and grateful for the minimization its bulk provided.

Perhaps it was the ringing dysphoria from having to dig around her bra. Perhaps it was the change in atmosphere, but everything felt surreal.

She stared at the knife making the rounds as it circled around her. Five of her compatriots had made the choice and she had no doubt that law-abiding Rik and gentle Jarek would add their locks as well.

This is a test.Ka'Ri's thoughts swirled like a tempest. To see if we trust him enough.

Every ounce of her training and instinct wanted to refuse. It was bad enough that they had her name. To have her hair as well? There was a lot magic types could do with both of those things. It was dangerous. Too dangerous.

Nonetheless, it was a test.

Without a word, she removed a few long strands of her hair and handed them over without looking, accepting the receipt in the same manner.

Shaking herself out of it, she focused on the mission and her mental to-do list. Obviously she was going to hit Qiao's, but it made sense to case Treygis's place if the Redfangs were all family family. She'd need to check in with a few folks before doing that.

"Sunrise," she whispered quietly. "I need to check in with you tonight after I do a few things. What would be a good time?" She raises her voice a bit. "Sithani, you might be very valuable to confer with as well if you are willing."

Turning to Rik, she felt slightly ashamed. Calling someone dear to him princess was just one of her more awful recent mistakes. "Um, I also need to speak with you. Should I meet you at your temple?"

Finally she turned to look down at the gnome who had become dear to her. "I also might need something from you. I know some magic types can have general use scrolls for things like disarming or detecting magic traps. Would it be possible for you to create something like that for me? And if so, should I meet you on your ranch or is there a place in town I could meet you?"

She was about to stop when something Luther said tickled the back of her mind. "You said the necklaces need to go around her neck. Is that necessary or will they work if you were to touch them to her skin?"
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67 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:14 pm

Luther hesitates, then gestures for Sunrise to step closer. "The magic has to encompass and encircle the target," he explains, his voice easing into the tone of a lecturing teacher. "So this will work--", he says as he brings the long rope necklace over Sunrise's head, "--or this," he explains as he loops the metal around her wrist like a bracelet, "--or if you were to draw it up her ankle or leg like an anklet or a garter. Merely touching her skin, though, will not work. Does that make sense?" He studies Ka'Ri's expression, wanting to be clear.
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68 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:47 pm

Sunrise submits to being used as a living dummy with only a touch of wry resignation. When she has a moment, she murmurs to Ka'Ri and Sithani, "I keep society hours these days. Is late okay? Say, twelve bells?"
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69 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:50 pm

"That makes sense is the necklace effected by charms and stuff for example if she is there of her own volition and we had to perhaps trick her into putting it on by magically disguising it?"

Ellowyn is desperately trying to fit the clearly too big clump of hair into the bottle as they talk they hand it back to the bursar blushing apologetically hair still wildly sticking out of the bottle from all angles.

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70 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:56 pm

"Suits me," Sithani murmurs back. "At Sunrise's place?"
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71 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:11 pm

"Devil's Own," she counters, naming a tiefling bar in the Westside slums. "For tonight, that is."
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72 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:16 pm

Sithani grins. "Sounds good."
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73 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:19 pm

Ka'Ri nods at Luther. "Yeah, that makes sense. That's tricky, but should be doable."

She also nods to Sunrise. "Good choice, I'll see you at 12th bell."
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74 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:36 pm

Sunrise nods and gathers her things. "I'll head out now," she decides, "unless there's more we need to do right now. So we don't all leave in a clump."

Before she leaves, she pauses and looks at Luther. "Commissioner Rivvers," she says, "I think... my patron might enjoy it if you stopped by for dinner tonight." She meets his eyes for a moment, then makes her way out.

(Ooc: she will wait a little ways off to catch Ellowyn when they leave.)
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75 Re: Feytower - Gwynnestri's Bedroom on Wed Jul 04, 2018 3:18 pm

Luther shakes his head at Ellowyn's question. "You can disguise the necklace, yes. It should still glow when it encircles Gwyn. The charm will not be suppressed."

"Wait," he adds before Ka'Ri or Sunrise can leave. Drawing the journal Ka'Ri flung at him from his vest, he hesitates again. "I gather that you believe you can decipher this?" he asks in a low, solemn tone. "May I likewise gather that whatever you discover between these pages, you will be discreet about?"
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