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Hamish being a good nuncle

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1 Hamish being a good nuncle on Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:11 pm

Hamish had been unsummoned when Thimb was, and not resummoned again until she had recovered enough to move about on her own. As such they didn’t really understand what the big deal was. They got unsummoned all the time! People were weird but they did see that the process of being resummoned was obviously much harder on Thimb than them, so they did what they could to help their wizard. This was mostly curling up on top of her and being really cute so she was forced to stay in bed because as we all know, disturbing a sleeping animal is illegal.

Hamish was quick to notice besides being told to stay in bed a lot, Thimb wasn’t going to see Cid. This was confusing, because she loved Cid, and Cid loved her, so why wouldn’t she go to visit him? Not seeing him made her sad, too. When she finally did go to see Cid, she didn’t make it all the way, and that seemed to make her even sadder? It was all very confusing to Hamish. Especially when it happened again, and then again after that.

It was a rare night that since Thimb had been resummoned she actually slept that Hamish heard a familiar cry from the pens. Noises came from the pens, that was just... part of having animals around. Nobody thought much of it, but Hamish knew this cry. Cid was molting, or, trying to. They wiggled out of the window, opened just a crack for this reason, and glided over to where his friend was being kept.

Cid was curled into a ball, their scales looking rather lumpy. Fur growing in under the scales, one of the more uncomfortable combinations for any chimera, but especially for Cid since they went through these things so fast. Hamish grabbed the scrubby thing they used to exfoliate shedding chimeras but struggled to apply the right sort of pressure to use it properly. Cid seemed grateful for the attempts and gave Hamish a small nuzzle.

Still, their friend was in pain and that wouldn’t do.

Hamish flapped their way back to Thimb’s window to find the small stick used to prop it open had been knocked over. Curled up, smiling smugly, was a certain barn cat, surely responsible for this.


Hamish glared at their nemesis, and debated their choices. They could sometimes squeeze in through the attic, but they had gotten stuck more than once trying and so wasn’t supposed to do that anymore... They could throw them self against the window to try to wake Thimb, but that kinda hurt and one time they had desummoned them self trying such a move. It was at this point that Hamish remembered they had a psychic connection to Thimb and gave her a mental nudge to wake up.

“Hamish if this is for a snack run so help me...” she mumbled to the air, which they still heard.

“Cid” was all she got through their link and sprung out of bed, sending Spetunia (who she had assumed was Hamish) bolting away. She barely got her boots on before dashing out the door to the pen to see Cid curled up and miserable.

“Oh, honey,” she said, unlatching the gate and rushing in, grabbing the brush Hamish had tried and failed to use, “it’s okay,” she cooed, setting to work immediately, “we’ll get you a nice bath and that should help with the molting, okay?”

Cid nestled into Thimb’s shoulder as she set to work, their whine now half happy coo.
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