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Veshti Selmer (Scheming Politician)

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1Veshti Selmer (Scheming Politician) Empty Veshti Selmer (Scheming Politician) on Mon Jun 18, 2018 10:54 pm

Veshti Selmer (Scheming Politician) Veshti10

Contact: Veshti Selmer

Race: Wood Elf

Age Category: Adult

Appearance: Flaming red hair. Light olive brown skin. Fine clothes, big purse. Flirty smile. Expensive perfume.

History: Veshti Selmer is a rising politician with moderate power and influence in Brilight. Most commoners do not know who she is, but the elven woman has spent years working the political system with slow perseverance, building allies and trading favors on her way to the top. She currently seeks the position of Redport commissioner: a political position which carries little direct power but which a savvy holder can use to make friends and skim money to further their career. The last three Redport commissioners went on from their position to much higher political offices.

Veshti was not born in Brilight and rarely speaks of her history before moving to the city, save that she was born to a barbarian elvish tribe and she left as soon as she was able. Her first few years in the city were worked as a courtesan, building up money to jumpstart her political career. She now owns a modest mansion in the Sun District and is known to sometimes take in young girls as political proteges. Her wards are Alysa, a half-elf; Elinor, a human-halfling hybrid; and Sunrise, a tiefling.

She knows, and may be sleeping with, Luther Rivvers the powerful Commissioner of Feytower.

Other Details: Veshti faithfully visits the temple of Lastai. She is young by elf standards though not by Brilight standards. She is sometimes seen around the Nightdocks buying poppyweed pleasure smokes--a lightly addictive pleasure drug which can only be gotten on the black market. Her calling card symbols are a red autumn leaf and a red silk ribbon.
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