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Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri)

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1Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) Empty Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) on Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:05 pm

[Continued from Songs and Secrets.]

Glen and Ka'Ri pass very few servants the further they travel from the party, and the ones they do pass keep their eyes down and averted; there is a strong sense that Immeral Xiloscient does not allow prying or familiarity from his staff.

When they reach the door which Glen remembers was marked on Luther's building diagrams as a probable study, they find a sturdy oaken door with a solid lock in place--they will not be able to just turn the knob and waltz in.
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2Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) Empty Re: Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) on Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:22 pm

Glen looks back and forth, still a little in character but mostly out of it. "Alright, Ka. Time to go to work. You take a look at the lock. I'm going to set an alarm."

He closes his eyes and reaches out to the magic of the wilds within him and touches it, grabbing firmly. Should she watch him, Ka'Ri will notice a hazy shimmer in the air 10 feet in either direction from the door which quickly dissipates. "Okay. That will let me know if someone's coming. Hopefully that will give us time to either hide, or put ourselves in a compromising position that would merit finding somewhere away from prying eyes. We can just say the door was unlocked, I guess."
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3Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) Empty Re: Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) on Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:02 pm

"All right," Ka'Ri whispers softly reaching into her sleeve for her set of lockpicks. "Let's take a look at what we're dealing with."

Ka'Ri scans over the lock for any notable traps and then sets to work with her picks.

Investigation and Lockpick:
Investigation = 5 ( 2 + 3), so if there is a trap, she assumes it delivers delicious chocolate cake instead.

Lockpick = 25 (17+8 ), but her fingers are as deft as a gentle lover so there's that at least.
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4Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) Empty Re: Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) on Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:06 pm

The lock is a good one, but it eventually yields to her skill. They're let into a dark study filled with wall-to-wall shelves of books, several wickedly sharp weapons on display and in excellent condition, and a heavy wooden desk with several drawers.
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5Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) Empty Re: Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) on Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:11 pm

Assuming that Ka'Ri will examine the desk, Glen looks around the room to see if he can spot anything out of the ordinary, and also examines the displayed weapons to see if they have any writing, markings, or symbols he can discern.

Perception 21
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6Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) Empty Re: Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) on Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:18 pm

Ka'Ri closes the door behind her and approaches the desk, running her hands over the desk looking for traps and then beginning work on the drawers starting with the lower ones that so often held booze and secrets.

Investigation (for traps): 14
Sleight of Hand (lockpick): 20
Investigation (assuming she unlocks the drawer to search it for secrets/secret panels): 28 (from a nat 20)
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7Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) Empty Re: Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) on Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:53 pm

[TW: War Crimes, Sexual Violence]

The desk is filled with papers--most of them mundane and uninteresting--but Ka'Ri is able to quickly sift through them after opening the locks. Luther had told Sunrise, who had related to them in turn, what to look for: something old and weathered, with either an official royal Jewelness seal on the top or an army stamp. The elderly paper crackles under Ka'Ri's fingers as she smooths it out to read.

The official report is succinct, covering only the one page; it appears to be a summary of a military excursion. A strike team, headed by Immeral Xiloscient, were given orders to kill an orc identified as a commander and crucial strategist for the border forces. The team were also under instructions to find and kill the commander's daughter, a witch who was personally responsible for the death of dozens of Jewelness soldiers. The report goes on to note in a detached way that the commander had been successfully located and killed by the strike team, and that the witch was 'neutralized'. Glen frowns at that wording; it is a term used to indicate when a combatant is no longer a threat or capable of fighting, but not dead. That means the mission was not an unqualified success.

In the same sheaf of papers as the orders, Ka'Ri finds an aging personal letter. In between the pleasantries, a passage catches her eyes.

I hear from Ezel that you've been having sleepless nights and bad dreams over that old incursion strike. Please don't beat yourself up about what happened with the witch. No one blames you. We were three hundred days into that damned campaign with no end in sight, morale had fled to the nine hells, and half the camp followers were dead from plague and the other half trudged back to Jewelness for the winter. Letting us have a little fun with the girl was what any decent commander would do; hells, you only took a turn to be a good sport and show off for a few needed laughs.

There's no reason in the world for you to feel guilty! If this is about your wife, have her come talk to my Zela; she knows how it is when you're a soldier and your blood is running hot. If it's about the girl getting away, don't let that disturb your rest. How could any of us have possibly guessed the night guard would stumble over our trail and double back? Alright, we didn't kill her, but so what? She never appeared on the front lines again after that lesson we taught her. You know what they say: the only thing better than a dead orc is a tamed one. Whatever backwater farmer married her once the war was over is probably grateful to us for teaching her her place.
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8Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) Empty Re: Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) on Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:04 pm

Ka'Ri's eyes narrow and in the back of her throat she starts to emit a low growl. "Fucker," she spits out softly, careful not to raise her voice and folds that sheaf of papers into her pack.

She continues to look through the desk, seeing if there are any letters that seem very recent or mentioning the names of any of the Redfangs. She also runs her fingers along the sides and bottoms of the drawers as well as the underside of the desk looking for any other secret compartments.

If there are none, she will begin casing the room looking for signs of hidden safes or other potential hidden stores of information like old journals, war memorabilia, and the like.

Investigation: 17
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9Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) Empty Re: Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) on Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:14 pm

The only papers she can find are a scattering of receipts which confirm what Luther has told them his agents have uncovered: the bulk of Immeral's purchases for his household are going through Redfang shops, even when the prices are higher than he could negotiate elsewhere. Nothing points to illegal support, just to supporting his son-in-law by making sure his money is kept 'in the family'.

No further letters, journals, or memorabilia leap out; there is a strong impression from the recentness of most of Immeral's papers that he doesn't like to dwell on the past more than he must.
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10Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) Empty Re: Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) on Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:24 pm

Glen's face is dark for a moment, his eyes far off. He snaps back into the moment. He puts his hand on her bag. "Ka. Let's put everything back where we found it and go. We found what we came for. Taking the letter won't do us any good - he'll know we've taken it and might come after us, or Thorn, or both, and he'll say it's made up or that it's hearsay. I'm a soldier; you're a sailor. We're nobodies and he's a councilman, they'll believe him that it's a forgery. We don't need the letter, we have the information. That's the power. Let's leave it and go, before our absence is noticed."
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11Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) Empty Re: Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) on Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:40 pm

Ka'Ri hesitates for a second and then pulls the sheaf of papers back out smoothing them out slightly. She looks like she's about to say something but then sighs and puts them back where she found them.

"I hate this city," she mutters at last, wiping her eyes quickly lest any tears smudge her makeup. "On the seas you can fight back. Places like this... injustices just hang forever. It's sickening."

She takes a second to compose herself and then the careful mask is back in place.

"All right, we head back, but first we should sell our absence," she says before approaching Glen closely. "May I?" She asks business-like referring to Glen's collar.
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12Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) Empty Re: Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) on Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:51 pm

Glen takes a moment too to let his emotions wash over him. Instinctively, he can't help but pull her into a gentle hug. "I know. He's. I'm. I just." He closes his eyes, burning up inside with hate and anger - stronger even than he was anticipating. "He's not going to get away with it. We might not be able to do anything about it today. But it won't hang forever." He is deadly serious.

He releases her and takes a small step back, his hands on her shoulders. He gives her a little pat. "Sorry. Little overwhelmed. Yeah, do what you need to do with my clothes." He grins a little, less than he usually would but still a little bit of his usual warmth. "How do we make this convincing?"
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Ka'Ri nodded at Glen's display of emtion, conveying in a gentle glance the feeling of "me fucking too".

Ka'Ri then turned to the clothes, carefully ripping off the top bottom of Glen's shirt and then taking the back of his collar to her lips so that her lipstick stained slightly on it in a noticeable location. She then rumpled the shirt in general, untucking the undershirt slightly as if it was hastily shoved back in and then ruffling his carefully crafted hair before poorly smoothing it back down. She glances over her handiwork and nods carefully.

She then sets to work on herself, shifting her bustle as if it was poorly put back into place, mussing her own hair and adding a little more rogue from her makeup kit as if she had been through a recent workout and was still flush from the aftereffects of it. Finally, she smudged her lipstick slightly as if she hadn't been able to fully repair it after a tussle, pressing it to her fingers and then pressing it to Glen's lips.

"All right, that should be good enough for the nobs."

Her face shifts into concern. "You gonna be okay gladhanding these nob fucks for the rest of the night? I won't blame you if you're not. I can ask Veshti to dismiss you because of my 'illicit actions' if you need some distance from these immoral fucks."
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He looks down at his disheveled appearance and starts trying to smooth things down just a little, returning to the instincts of Aeran the valet, who would find all of this WILDLY inappropriate. "Thanks, but I'll be okay. You? I can escort you back to the carriage if you are feeling a bit faint, my lady." He smiles. "And besides..." He looks at her and feels safe confiding in her, just a little. "I'd, um. Like to see Thorn again before we go." He looks a little sheepish - both for the confession, and for having such a silly feeling amid such an upsetting revelation. But he strangely cannot help himself, and knows that Ka'Ri is a fantastic listener.
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15Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) Empty Re: Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) on Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:10 pm

Ka'Ri smiles brightly and genuinely. "Well, I'm glad to help out anyway I can," she whispers happily before pausing at the door, listening for silence before pulling Glen out into the hall and closing the door behind her and relocking it with her picks. If no one is present in the hall, she guides Glen back down to the performance, giggling slightly but quietly.
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16Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) Empty Re: Secrets and Lies (Glen, Ka'Ri) on Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:35 pm

[Continued in Songs and Secrets.]
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